Yezune choi speech at bitcoin super conference



Very innovative and distinctive idea. Creating more Boss for new projects rather than creating limitless ICO tokens. I see brilliant side of this approach. Wonder how that will play out In terms of the inflation of boss coin. I like the idea but same time it will dilute the value of my coins each time more coins are introduced. Projects must benefit BOS community by adding value to our coin value at the end.
Like to hear all your opinion on this. How would this benefit to value of boscoin. How is it better than ETH platform. Keep in mind that more ETH is not produced (there for the value is not diluted) when new project (ICO) is created.


Ethereum inflation is very large, with each day arrives more ETH every day grow up to 20000 or more new ETH worth 17 million dollars daily - annually over 6 billion dollars! :stuck_out_tongue: for infinity because the total supply of ethereum has no limit. Remember that with BOS, a new token is not created. Investors instead of buying a new token will invest in BOS. Investors can achieve greater benefits not only against the demand for BOS, but the ranger of supporting BOS networks by masternodes. You can use BOS for hundreds of DAPPS, replacing a hundred different tokens.