With Patrick from Qtum


Taken this morning with Patrick Dai, founder of Qtum. Enjoyable guy to be around with.

It’s been a heck of a day, meetings after meetings after meetings.
I wasn’t able to drop by the office today as I had to move around.
It is past midnight now here in Seoul and I am a bit snowed under but I will share what we’ve been doing when the time is right. (Sorry, but it ain’t related to Qtum!)


Nice one Hankyeol! It seems like you are really busy with networking and meeting new people. I appreciate the effort you put in to expand horizons and I’m sure many others appreciate it as well. Looking forward to your stories, keep up the good work!


Cool, nice work very nice guy indeed :grin:


Networking like a boss, with connections like this BOScoin will be unstoppable