With founders of Stellar


Fresh photo, taken about three hours ago.
Starting from the left, CEO Inhwan Kim, myself, Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim.
Really awesome people.


Connections are key!


Sweet, lots going on there in Korea! Blockchain community is huge!


Nice one! Great to see you are in touch with other communities as well!


Ist there some kind of agreement to be signed between stellar lumen and boscoins ?


Great guys! Boscoin team rocks!


Not at this juncture, there isn’t much to make an agreement about, but since we are based on Stellar Consensus Protocol, we did, and have been, exchanging some insight regarding FBA.


I think Stellar protocol has a lot of great things not all has to be blockchain based platforms.
But Boscoin took most of the best things of other projects improving it ,like trust contracts,masternodes, Congress Network, mFBA,etc…



I just realised that the original CEO (Changki Park) who was around at the time of the ICO is no longer leading the team. I can’t recall hearing about him leaving to be replaced with the new CEO. Did I miss an announcement?

If not, I believe this fact is important enough to be mentioned in a newsletter and in its own thread here on the forum. It would be good to know why he left, and to learn more about Inhwan Kim.



He went on to pursue other ventures and he is still under the wings of the foundation. He is in charge of development of Delicracy, a kick start application of the platform. There is a brief introduction of Mr. Inhwan Kim on our website along with other members of the team for the development of the BOS Platform. Mr. Kim has worked with Mr. Park for over 10 years.


Thanks for that information, much appreciated.


Nice hair cut dudes !!! :slight_smile:


I agree. This a main change in the team


Good work everyone, way in the lead now!


Joyce was in Singapore also at the Fintech, she was very interested in how we modified the protocol :grin:


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