Why HitBTC actually serves BOScoin in 5 ways


For many of us its more than bothersome that HitBTC still hasn’t integrated the API to make BOScoins depositable and withdrawable. And it doesn’t look atm that HitBTC will do it without being forced to do.

If we put that aside its clear that HitBTC is quite useful for BOScoin.

  1. Because of HitBTC we have a listing at CoinMarektCap (CMC) and BOScoin is visible on the market.
    (Ranking doesn’t work though, because volume is too low.)
  2. Although the actual price (of $5.74) seems ridiculous high, those prices serve as an orientation. Maybe even KuCoin will put a starting price at that lvl at first opening of trade.
  3. The ammount of BOScoin locked in HitBTC (some % of BOScoins total supply) can’t enter the real market.
    Thats good for the price, because less token available for free trade.
  4. With KuCoin and HitBTC as top 20 exchanges, our chances are bigger to get into other exchanges with less troubles.
  5. Because HitBTC has picked BOScoin as an IOU we hadn’t to pay their $400k (status dec. 17) listing fee. (And I hope BOSteam will not pay a lame penny to them, now. Lets have lawyers of those who purchased BOScoin at HitBTC do the work and support those.)


Well, of course there is no such thing as bad publicity. No point of debate.
I think it’s questionable whether HitBTC actually possesses BOS. If so, the amount is probably limited, which raises prices when demand is high. Using this introduction price on Kucoin could als mean prices will plummet after launch, because of the quantitative difference in available BOS.
Another question is for my part why HitBTC hasn’t listed BOS already? Easy answer is of course the BOS-team chooses otherwise. But what are their reasons?


We have attempted to get hitbtc to open deposits and withdrawals. I’m sure they will eventually, and in the mean time we are working with other exchanges like kucoin. One day, hitbtc will open deposits and withdrawals, we just don’t know when that will be.


what a ridiculous thing to say, what benefit could you possibly imagine BOScoin would have in restricting the listing of their coin!

Fake BOScoin price at HitBTC