Where are you all from?


men iยดm from castellon, so you have to take note for another person to the paella


Iโ€™m from Nigeria! Living in Lagos, Nigeria at present. :slight_smile:


Deal :slight_smile: iโ€™m closer to Benidorm than Seoul


perfect!! is already preparing rice, seafood and wine haha and then all party in Seul.


i from korea we are very happy


โ–‘Tโ–‘hโ–‘eโ–‘ โ–‘Nโ–‘eโ–‘tโ–‘hโ–‘eโ–‘rโ–‘lโ–‘aโ–‘nโ–‘dโ–‘sโ–‘


Iโ€™m from Japan. I love BOS Coin.


I am from Poland. Peace!


Hi! Iโ€™m from Ukraine:ukraine:


Iโ€™m from Belgium and Iโ€™m glad to be a part of this awesome, already well-spread community!


Together with you, @Flexmens and @wouterbothoff we already have three Dutch language people :slight_smile:


Iโ€™m from The Netherlands (Europe)


Hi there,

Iโ€™m from France, and wish I had spent a bit more in the ICO. Hopefully I will be able to add when the BOS will hit exchanges. I can do some 3D stuffs if you need, for marketing or other purposes. And I will start in 2 or 3 months to look at the languages involved in order to give birth to a Dapp on BOSnet.


Manchester England. But I long for Ibiza :slight_smile:


im from Compton the city of gangsters


Hi all, Happy to connect. I live in Frankfurt, Germany


I am from Sao Paulo, Brasil


Good to have you here, I am from the Gold Coast of Australia



Will they be advertising boscoin at the Olympics


good, nice to meet you. I think that question is good and interesting for you to put it in an exclusive thread. Here is a little out of place. :+1: