Where are you all from?


Where in the world are you guys from? I like the fact that blockchain not only connects us financially but can connect us regardless of the distance aswell.

Let me start, I am from Toronto, Canada!:grin:


I am from the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia and yes I think it is rather neat that we can all be connected financially which 10 years ago was all control by Visa, PayPal and the banks


Hi, I am from the Netherlands!


Me from France and happy to follow this forum


Another French people here :slight_smile: From south west !


Hello from Ukraine. All good and successes.


Hello all, I’m from the UK and very happy to be part of this community


Good to see people from all over the world and all walks of life.
great to have you all here


I’m from West Africa… Nigeria


I am from Germany :muscle:t3::de:


Australia! Like a Bos!


@RickJames I am in Australia too, like a Bos!


Benidorm. Spain, if next year is a success, I invite everyone to a “paella” on the beach.:beach_umbrella::city_sunrise:


Hello from Portugal! :portugal:


Hey, seems we are a lot of south european people :slight_smile: ! let’s organize a party for Genesis release :slight_smile: !


Wish I could come… too bad I’m over here in Canada :wink:


Prague, Czech republic, Central Europe :slight_smile:


Hello, BOScoiners! Brazil - São Paulo


i’m from indonesia :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


I’m from Nigeria :nigeria: