When will BOScoin be able to be traded and exchanged?


When will BOScoin be able to be traded and exchanged?


Referencing to this post I made in another topic:

It’s hard to tell when exactly BOScoin will be listed on exchanges, but the team is doing their utmost best to get listed on exchanges as soon as possible, with KuCoin as a next step. Check out the post below to find out more information:


@Charlesyancy21 We are doing currently some community action supported by the BOSteam to get listed by a voting contest at KuCoin. Our position can be monitored here:
and as a fun-meme here:

Please support us (and your investment!) by taking action and vote. Its fun.

BOSteam itself is working hard to get us listed on bigger exchanges and there is positive progress, but no disclosure allowed at all. Exchanges are very strict about that! Check here:


Hi BTC will not list BOScoin freely on the exchange unless another exchange lists first or they run out of ICO BOScoiis that they purchased as freely exchanged BOScoin would undercut the profits they make on their own IOUs. HitBTC is all about making money


This is bullshit…
It’s been almost 6 months the coins are on HitBTC.
Everything they had purchased have been sold now.
They would make more profit by opening the market because of the volume.
The only problem is the dev here.


Don’t you know when you’re listed at the time of the exchange?
December? January? When?


@travis, @andyeic
We WILL be listed and BOSteam IS in contact with bigger exchanges, BUT exchanges don`t allow any disclosures.
Again as mentioned above read this article as an example how strict exchanges have become:


Thanks @t-spark, that is unfortunately the way it’s working… we are in contact with and doing everything asked of us, but there are many steps in the process in getting listed. Once the exchange is interested in listing us, which I can tell you for a fact, there are several interested in Listing us, then there are additional regulatory requirements that need to be met. I can’t go into detail, but these things take time. I can say we WILL be listed on exchanges. I just can’t say when, or who will list first. It is coming!


Thank you for your detailed reply.