When can we exchange BOS?


When can we exchange BOS?


We can already transfer BOScoin between web wallet accounts, but exchanges still need to list BOScoin before we can trade it. HitBTC is the only exchange currently trading BOScoin, but they are still doing so as IOU. The team will announce more exchange names once they are able to, so keep an eye out for the weekly newsletter. You can subscribe to the newsletter over here.

As for the web wallet, there currently is a maintenance going on which will end on November 13, 23:59 KST. After the maintenance, you will be able to use the web wallet again to transfer your BOScoins. More information can be found here and here.


The wallet is up and working. FYI.


If whe only can get 750 mill in marketcap which only top 15 big coin. The value of each coin already at $1.5 and 1 billion marketcap for boscoin is still possible


Are we going exchange Boscoin this year


Are bittrex or Poloniex forecasted ?