Urgent Notice from CEO Yezune Choi


Unfortunately, we have confirmed that Chairman In-hwan Kim has been plotting to Hard Fork BOScoin. We have noticed that the Hard fork is expected to be scheduled by creating ERC-20 tokens, and most likely to officially announce them at their scheduled press conference on March 19th, 2019. This agenda has never been discussed within the foundation.

In addition, we had wondered why Chairman In-hwan Kim threatened to not provide development funds to the main developer, BlockchainOS, and constantly attempted to secure the BOScoin trademark, domain management authority, Amazon server management authority where the Mainnet is currently operating, patents, and etc.
Now, I finally know the reason behind it. He seems to have decided that he would be able to push the BlockchainOS out of the contract easily once the BlockchainOS has given over the information. In fact, Sung-hun Kim, CEO of GoldLink, has testified that In-hwan Kim talked several times about ousting Yezune Choi from the project.
However, as In-hwan Kim was advised it is not mandatory for BlockchainOS to transfer all the relevant information, in consultation with Swiss authorities, it became difficult for him to fully monopolize the rights of trademark and the management authority of the blockchian network. Therefore, it looks he has changed his direction to expelling foundation director Yezune Choi and BlockchainOS and issuing a separate coin in order to monopolize all the assets of the foundation.

Moreover, we seriously doubt that the failure to provide development funds over three months would be part of a plan to reject the BlockchainOS, to induce network outages that are currently in operation, and to justify the ERC-20 token Hard Fork as an opportunity

We believe this is an evil act that confuses the BOS platform ecosystem, and we will do everything we can to stop it.

BlockchainOS CEO and BOS Platform Foundation Director, Yezune Choi.


Oh, geez, not another Tezos-like debacle. It sounds eerily similar and I really hope it will not materialize that way. It only comes with a lot of pain and unnecessary delays.


Hello Guys,

Looks like it goes to a bad way…
How to kick this In-hwan Kim Guy from the BlockchainOS Foundation like for Tezos ?!
What are the others options … to get him out of the the game ?



WOW this is crazy not good for BOSCOIN. i dont get the ERC20 fork he is planing does that mean anyone with bosoin now wouldn’t even have coins on the forked chain. if that’s the case and it forks its dead.

anyone care to comment is this the case or not?


No information has not been published on how this foundation action will work… if at all. Everyone is waiting on the foundation to issue a statement.


ok thanks for the reply. just can’t believe all the trouble Boscoin has had since ico if it can rise from the ashes that would be like a deus ex machina type event. especially the fact that there is still another 12 months of the bear market to go at least.

deus ex machina


an unexpected power or event saving a seemingly hopeless situation, especially as a contrived plot device in a play or novel.