Unethical HitBTC still selling BOScoin IOU´s


Anyone else think its bordering on fraudulent HitBTC still selling IOU´s under the brand of “BOScoin”?

Can they not be forced to stop selling and swap the IOUs for the BOS tokens they have been sent?


We have no control over exchanges. They listed the IOU themselves, and could have listed our token any time after Oct 31st.


Its the fact they are still using your brand to sell their own product that just does not sit right with me Scott. People are paying a premium thinking they are investing into a good product (which BOScoin is) but getting a worthless coin of the same name instead. they should at least have to change the name of their token especially after the 31st October passed.


Yes, our group in Korea has been in contact with them, but as of yet unsuccessful in getting them to open up deposits and withdrawals.


When is the BOScoin team going to take legal action against HitBTC to remedy this situation?


It messed up the chart on coinmarketcap com because everyone thinks this was real token trading and chart doesn’t look as good


That was my point really is HItBTC not actually misrepresenting BOScoin by selling a worthless IOU of the same name! If the answer is yes which it is surely legal action should be taken against the exchange.


I completely aggree and would like to see BOSteam to take legal action against HitBTC.
What may also help is to contact CMC and other market evaluators/exchange evaluators to mention this fraud (emphasized by document of a started law suit).

BOS is absolutly NOT the only one and if enough complains come together HitBTC might be forced from CMC and other evaluators. That would really HIT them in the a…!


Hitbc reply to my enquiry,

“When will the real Boscoin be listed?”

"Feb 13, 15:58 WET

Dear Trader,
Thank you for reaching out.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to say the exact time at the moment. Our team is working on enabling deposits and withdrawals of BOS as soon as possible.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us in case we can be of any other assistance.

Marguerite Tessier‍
HitBTC Support Team


Sry, but this is the same standard reply we have been hearing for month.
I think without taking legal action nothing will happen, as “their” team is busy to their limits to list and implement new coins willing to pay them $400k and up.


yeah lets all forget about Hit BTC there are bigger and better exchanged to spend our attention on. HIT BTC ARE pathetic. Binance is the holly grail the best exchange so far


thats not the point, the point is that HitBTC are selling a coin called BOScoin which is not BOScoin and that the real BOScoin are continuing to let them get away with it!


It’s easy to forget HitBTC unless you bought BOScoin IOUs, I can understand why people are outraged and they should be demanding a response if not seeking legal advice depending on the terms and conditions of HitBTC


Correction … they are not even selling a coin … You cant transfert it against something else than hitbtc’s btc … so you are just buying a promise of a future coin … but … 4 months after … its start to be a lot


YEAH best advice as risky as exchanges are why would any one pay for a IOU coin they are taking advantages of such high demand for these coins and praying on peoples ignorances I would never want to have a investment tied up in a exchange for any amount of time. You are buying a futures contract with the exchange more or less. i would rather buy a futures contract that would predict that exchange not even being around in 4 months never leave coins on exchanges never buy iou’s feel sorry for the people who did. And i can see Boscoin team really can’t do anything about it. they just can’t Blockchain is global and thats whats also awesome


I remember straight after the ICO Scott and I were warning everyone against buying from hitBTC and we were getting attacked with people saying let people buy them as the price pushing up brings attention to BOScoin and now look at these poor souls can’t get their money back or their coins.


wow yeah people are just ignorant you can’t say you didn’t warn them.


Especially considering anyone that didn’t take our warnings that invested in IOUs are still not able to get their BOScoin for their money back as they are still locked in there and are unable to buy BOScoin now with those funds