Token release and what exchanges


When is the token withdrow and available at the exchanges . What exchanges it will be ? Does any one know or it’s just me lol


the distribution is happening right now, verifying the information, then sending to wallets. hitBTC will list the token first, and that will be in a few days, but no exact date.


at the moment they have not sent me anything of bos, it is not known that exchanges, only hitbtc


I am not sure if I may post this but I am a BOScoin enthusiast as well.
May I post a Dutch website URL where you can find information about BOScoin?
And there is also an unofficial Boscoin Telegram channel.


Give the team some time to process all claims and related information. This is a manual process and they want to do it right. The only exchange trading BOScoin right now is HitBTC, but it’s still as IOU. More exchanges will follow in the near future.


If you want BOScoin information in Dutch. We have dedicated a Dutch website which is already up for months now.
It also shows the price of BOScoin (IOU att the moment). It’s for information only and not commercial


Excellent work! I like it. Spreads the word.
You guys are really enthusiasts :drum:


thanks a lot! Not sure if Boscoin itself has seen our website yet


I already have my coins, with this great team we can be calm in everything:tada:


Waiting for an official anouncement that HitBTC is ready for official trading.
Not to sell but to buy more!


Any news on HitBTC official trading?


I think it will take some time before hitBTC will remove the IOU, i hope they will do it soon.


Yes I am looking forward for hitBTC to remove IOUs too @wouterbothoff


@scott posted this in Slack earlier:

HitBTC won’t list BOS for a little while, they need to receive their BOScoins like everyone else, and configure their system to work with the BOScoin platform


Any thoughts on why Korean exchanges don’t seem to be supporting BOS?


I believe Korean exchanges are supporting BOScoin, but they probably still need to develop their API which works with the BOScoin platform.

The team hasn’t shared any specific names except for HitBTC because they just want to be careful about it as it’s not set in stone because of several reasons. @Hankyeol said the following in Slack:

Regarding exchanges, we have never played hide and seek. I would be quite disappointed by anyone who would think we were not open about it. We have shared every information except for the names because there is big possibility that it can work against us.

Just to be clear, we are not trying to keep you in suspense guys. We’ve been in contact with the exchanges for months, and progress is just slow.

First, hitBTC needs to receive BOScoins just like you too. Second, they have not started working on their API yet.

I’m sure the team will come with more announcements as soon as they are able to.


And I believe it will not pass this year, 2017


I hope it come sooner


It will probably not be on HitBTC until Christmas or New Year, this process will be slow I predict the


Any information about listing on new exchanges after the launch? Hitbtc was already there from the start and it has not made any much difference in volume.
Has there been any requests made to any of the top exchanges, can OP share such information if available?