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@soivuonhoang aren’t you BOScoins already transferred to a wallet?
If yes, there isn`t any problem. You just need the seed and not any e-mail.


You need to regain access to your email address. If you already have your BOScoin, then your email address is connected to a dashboard with a balance of BOS that doesn’t matter any longer (you have the coins :slight_smile: ) and this forum account. If I did what you are asking then that is just asking for phishing attacks against our users, the only way we have to identify people is through their email address.

In this situation, I would say regain access to your email, or just let the account go dormant. if they attempt a password reset, since they don’t have access to your 2FA means no access anyway, and there isn’t anything of value stored on the dashboard or the forum. So nothing lost. If you get the email account back, you can reset the password, and login.


no. today i login in my boscoin account so i know about web wallet. i have public adress with seed, but i can’t login my email to send it to boscoin@boscoin.


i can give you infomation about my account like: the 2FA, the date i creat my accout, the hash of my transaction of send BTC to buy BOS. so please help me


I see, this is a serious problem you got into.
No way to reset the PW of your e-mail account? Or contact the provider for a reset?


yes, i try every way to get my email account back, but it is impossible.
Is there a way for me to verify my identity in addition to email verification?
i can give you any infomation about my boscoin account.


I’m not from BOScoin team or support but you should explain in detail to them why it is impossible to get your e-mail account back.
Imagine BOScoins situation. You could be an impostor claiming someone elses BOScoin because you got access to another persons smartphone or notebook. I don`t say you are, though.

Personally I think a copy of your passport and a skypecall together with the BTC hashcode of your transfer + quarantine of 3 month should be fine to identify you. But I can`t speak for BOS. Maybe @scott can help and talk with BOS security team to solve this problem. I suggest you PM him.


@scott help me please


The only way to get your BOScoin transfered to your public address is through an email sent from the correct email address. @Douglas is also tagged but the first step is getting your email back. Your email address is the only identifier we have to confirm you are you.


Please help me, i belive that so many people have situation like me! Please find out a way to help them


Help meeeeeee please!!!


As scott mentioned before, you need to get access to your email. If you are the owner of your email address that should be not a problem just contact your email provider.


You need to gain access to your email account, and then from that email address, send us your information to claim tokens.