Token/Bos rate?


Hello, Do we have an idea of what will be the token / real boscoin rate (i mean the tradeable boscoin rate)



I don’t think anyone could gauge that accurately. Judging by the number of messages asking about selling it suggests a reasonable number of people will sell once the chain launches next year. This would probably mean the HitBTC IOU price is overrated. That said it’ll depend on the demand for the tokens as well, investors not in the ICO will be betting on future returns so if there are some proof of concept smart contracts and some potential interest in coding then this should help drive the price up.

So put simply I don’t have a scoobydoo what the price will be :wink:


but, talking by the real experience of the people, now that coins are available, what is the rate ?


The rate isn’t known yet. It won’t be known until it starts trading for real on one of the exchanges.


It has been traded on exchange, HITBTC. we have the value for BOS, this is not my question. I want to know how many BOS will I have if I have collected 5200 BOS tokens during the ICO

Actual rate is 0.0001710BTC per BOS on HITBTC


You would have 5200.



OMG, we invested in technology, dont worry about price!
on the other hand, why dont you review ETH history, u will have exactly answer.
funny! right?