TestNet will not give us Confirmation of Rewards for our Nodes!


Upto mainnet their is no change . Tokennet will continue up to MainNet


A clear case someone not having read the label properly.


No you cannot lose your coins as there are none required during testing.


I’m still interested to see what the bad actor loss of coins is about. If someone is voting in an unpopular way is this deemed a bad actor? I think this could encourage a unanimous type of arrangement rather than a democratic one.


This will be outlined before MainNet begins so there is no confusion in terms of language but I’m sure they mean someone trying to hack system?


If you try to cheat the network, vote twice, run software on a node that tries to double spend, or cheat the network in some other way, then that would be considered acting in bad faith, and you could reasonably be determined to be a ‘bad actor’ but simply by voting in an unpopular way isn’t possible, because no one knows how you voted unless you tell them. You are a ‘bad actor’ if you try to cheat the network, steal funds, etc. there are many ways you could try to cheat the system, and your actions have consequences. These details on how governance works, how voting works, how nodes work, how freezing works - these will all be explained in detail.

Don’t try to cheat other people, don’t try to game the network, and you have nothing to worry about. Be a good citizen in our community. The congress network has all the authority in our system, and congress members are human beings not machines.


Cool thanks scott for the detailed response


NO during mainnet if you try to do something illegal via your node like try to incorporate a hack the funds you have frozen can be taken. Based on what parameters are set fourth by the governance. But this is during mainnet not test net