TestNet will not give us Confirmation of Rewards for our Nodes!


Dear community! I have to give you information. It turns out that TestNet will not give us Confirmation of Rewards for our Nodes !!! If we make the launch of our nodes while running TestNet, then we will not receive the BOS award. We will be able to receive Confirmation of Rewards only when MainNet is launched. This I learned today from Scot. In this you can be killed yourself - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1759662.msg38939578#msg38939578
As I understood, TestNet is almost the same as MainNet. The difference is that not all the functions that will work when you run MainNet are used. I thought that TestNet could have made some mistakes and in the process of its work the BosCoin team could have corrected them. Work nodes could ensure the full operation of TestNet. In other words, I thought TestNet was a kind of Betta-version of the platform.
I thought that if we launch our nodes on TestNet, we will receive Confirmation of Rewards.
But this is not so. We will be able to spend our money on the purchase of VPS, we can spend the time to launch your own nodes. In return, we will receive only joy from the working nodes.
Maybe all members of the community understood this. And I just found out about this. Now I’m distressed and even angry. I lost the desire to look for any new information, I lost the desire to follow the news, I lost the desire to monitor the price of the coin BOS.
And I do not understand how BosCoin will track the work of nodes, errors in nodes and others. How many donkeys will launch their nodes just like that? BosCoin will get 1-2-5-10 working nodes, but not more. There are no idiots for free work. What does BosCoin count on?


I responded to your question on bitcointalk and i will respond here again.

I have said this every day for months.

MainNet is when node rewards start, which includes confirmation rewards, transaction fees, and freezing rewards. This is not a surprise to anyone.

Testnet is for testing the network and i have been very clear testnet is starting with the consensus protocol. trust contracts and our governance model will be added to testnet.

When everything is integrated into testnet and stable then we will launch mainNet.


The foundation will run testnet nodes but the public can also run testnet nodes and review the code. No block rewards or other payments for running a testnet node. It is voluntary.


Scott is right that has been clear from the begining at least to me. @bulalex16 test net is untested meaning many things can happen or go wrong and this gives them the opportunity to get everything working properly in a safe and secure environment and to ensure our funds and platform will remain safe and operate smoothly. If you were to put your BOS on the test net and they were lost you would be SOL. You have to test software before putting out for public use. I can understand your frustration, but you made an assumption without researching it first. For this isn’t BOScoins fault you can only be upset with yourself as the information was available all you had to do is ask someone.


Ha come on ! People are saying the community is not active enough, that there is no marketing, and now that we can participate and really get involved, you are saying it’s a no… I don’t know how many nodes you can run, but at least show your faith in the project by running only 1 node during testnet. If a lot of people are running nodes, for sure the number will be used for marketing. And what will be the cost for you ? Something like 80$ for one node until mainnet perhaps, and a few hours (plus if you are a geek this will be fun) and in exchange you will win the knowledge of how to setup efficiently nodes so that you’ll be ready for the B-day…


@bulalex16 Just because you made a few positive comments and the price of BOScoin rose in that time does not mean you were responsible for its price rise in any way “Only I alone has very successfully justified your project and again raise the price of BOS to its previous level you can read a few previous comments back Bitcointalk and compare with the price chart” haha! Assuming this would be to assume that all the people that bought BOScoin in that time only bought solely because of your comments and that would be a pretty arrogant thing to assume!
Just because you are butt hurt and only just learned something that everyone has known for a while now don’t get all sooky and take it out on Scott.


Our homomorphic encryption and Human Identity authentication protocol hasn’t be published. It is being developed by experts in the field, and integrated into our blockchain protocol. The code will be open sourced, and open for review by anyone, so when we have a working testnet, and our governance protocol is integrated then you can review the code. No security is 100% effective, but with good testing and design we can make it very difficult to game our voting protocol. When we are testing our voting protocol use your fool proof method of bypassing our system, which by the way hasn’t even been published yet, and give us feedback, so our Platform is more secure.


You may get angry, but it is not right to generalize to all Americans or people from “developed countries.” I belong to the European Union and I also have to survive like everyone here, and all over the planet, everything costs money and you just have to take risks for what you can lose … so that is totally out of place. Scott already said it much earlier, it would only be a test … it is true that you worked hard in bitcointalk, but do not give up now at the end. patience :+1:


Scott I think what he meant or is thinking that he could just put each node in a different persons name. Different family member or cousin or someone elses name to get around the one person one vote rule. But that is more of a work around. But lets bring the community up and stop being crabs in a bucket @bulalex16. We are all waiting for main net. But this isn’t a quick money grab this is a long term investment. I mean how long do you think it took for DASH nodes to become profitable I am sure it was a couple years to build of the community before they were worth anything. I do wish we would market more, but we are al community you need to seperate your feeling from business as best you can. Its not always easy but we make better decisions when we do


Yes. I understood his fool proof method, which doesn’t get around the technology, if you want to give your coins to someone else, and they authenticate themselves and vote then that isn’t an issue with our protocol.

Example. You get your mom to vote in your local election, she registers, and shows her ID at the polling place, but you tell her vote for politician A, and then she does. Have you really violated any voting laws, no that happens every day.

It is the same with our protocol. you can GIVE anyone you want your coins, and they can vote for whoever you tell them to vote, but in the end, it is them (a human being) voting, and not a machine.

Just like fraudulent voting in election, there are consequences. In our system, it is not possible to pretend to be someone else. So you can’t fake their identity for voting. Giving other people coins so they can vote the way you tell them is incredibly expensive. Right now the minimum to be a registered congress member is 40,000 BOS, so this method of giving coins to friends and family to vote is 1. impossible to scale. 2. expensive 3. subject to high likelihood once you get out of your core group of friends and family, they will just steal your funds. 4. subjects you to possible banning in the network, since we do have your human identity authentication data on file, and the congress could deem you a bad actor, no rewards from nodes, and possibly loss of funds


Loss of funds lol what


The whole idea of crypto is a central authority doesn’t have access to your funds


One of the aspects to running a node is there is an economic incentive to be not be a bad actor. If you have coins in a wallet, and just hold crypto then yes, there is no possibility of loss of funds. If you participate in the network, by staking and running a node, then yes you could lose funds if you are a bad actor. This was clearly stated in the white paper. You are staking the coins, and there are consequences to being a bad actor. Banning from the network and loss of a percentage of staked coins for being a bad actor is possible.


The authority on our network is the congress network, and as such not a central authority, but a decentralized authority.


The logistics of running a node, and the exact consequences for being a bad actor will be clearly defined before we go to mainNet.


Scott, I agree whole heartidely.


Loss of funds seems extreme to me. I don’t think I’ve seen that in any other crypto.


Date of testnet please? Thanks


@scott Do you mean a bad actor like Alec Baldwin? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


So I dont get any reward but can lose my frozen coins during testnet? Pls explain as easy as possible because i dont understand that “bad actor” thing.