Testnet network is launched


The BOScoin “SEBAK” TestNet is now Open:
Testnet is used for testing purpose. The Sebak testnet wiki will be updated as development continues.


@scott I’m interested in running a Testnet node, where can I get documentation on how to run a testnet node?


https://github.com/bosnet/sebak/wiki > go to the wiki here for the current documentation.


I would suggest you join the slack. bottom of boscoin.io we have a technical-discussion channel.


will there be some video or instruction on how to start the node?


this wiki contains the instructions.

You can’t run a validation node yet. You can install the node and use the wallet function contained in the documentation.


Will there be a detailed instruction for novices like myself?


There are detailed instructions on the github. I’m working on an install script which will work if installing on Digital Ocean. This is personal project of mine.


That would be perfect, just what we need. Thank you


I want to know the specifications of the computer you are using.


I’m installing on a ubuntu 16.04 LTS VPS with 2 gig ram.


@scott thanks for your reply.
I meant to say validation nodes. When can we expect validation nodes/BOScoin testnet client ready to be tested?
I looked into github and was not able to figure out which issues the team wants to complete before the testnet nodes launch…


I don’t have a date. The current status is public on the github.com/bosnet/sebak repository