TestNet is scheduled for early June


TestNet is scheduled for early June release. The github repository will be open sourced. TestNet will include the consensus protocol ‘ISAAC’, with trust contracts and governance added later.

mainNet is scheduled for 4th Quarter 2018.


perfect, I am looking forward to practice with the test node and learn. I wait for your installation manual.thanks


yeah, cant wait to setup a node :+1:


Can specify exact date.


An exact date will be announced in a future newsletter. Probably not in the one today, but just pay attention to the newsletters to stay current on the progress of the project.


awesome! thanks for updating the community on a more regular basis Scott.


Hi Scott,
do you know any spec. hardware, what we need to run a node? I might buy new computer, I am looking forward.


the specs aren’t out yet, but you can use a linux or mac machine. I running on a digital ocean ubuntu linux machine


TestNet is scheduled for end of June.