Team BosCoin! Are you going to work to stabilize and increase the price of the coin?


Why does the BosCoin team do nothing to stabilize or increase the price of the Boscoin coin? The Boscoin team, have you received a lot of investment? Can not you make a good coin advertisement? Why do not you want to act? You can buy yourself some of the coins that people want to cheaply sell cheaply for Kucoin, in order to prevent a further decline in prices (thereby preventing a dump). You can do a lot of advertising on relevant sites and news. Price Boscoin falls catastrophically !!! Yes, BitCoin is also falling. But the price of BosCoin goes down even with respect to BitCoin! This is a double slump in the price of BosCoin! Are you going to work or have you already got everything you wanted?


To begin with, at least make an advertisement on the main news sites (developing and developed countries) !!! You have money for this! In addition, make advertising on the most famous sites that publish news crypto currency !!! You have money for this!


the market is this way due to several factors and not only affects boscoin, it is a normal correction of the market. Be patient and hold positions steady. we must wait for the market to recover, it is not the fault of bos.ademas when the baby starts to walk, surely everything goes better.



that you prefer to cut the tree when an apple grows or wait for the tree to grow big and strong to eat whatever you want. I prefer that they focus on doing a good project than inflating a coin.


We are focused on building our blockchain platform… Please keep your posts related to our platform development, and use. This is not the place to discuss token price. There are plenty of other places and it isn’t here. This forum was created for the community to discuss the Platform, not speculative token discussion.