Suggestion when publishing Price Targets


Here’s a thought. when you post price targets, how about you write up your analysis in detail, and post with the price target. Your opinion will have so much more weight with a strong argument to back it up. Just a suggestion!


My analysis (feedback welcome);

Facts first:

  • ICO price was max 0,05 Dollar cents per BOS
  • BOS = new blockchain
  • Not many competitors on market with trust contract concept
  • BOS during ICO was bought with BTC and BTC mooned meanwhile (x12)
  • BTC (and hence other tech) are getting popular to the general crowd
  • South Korean crypto market is hot
  • Cryptomarket in general is votile but unpredicatble / fickle
  • Good news coming (Kucoin and possibly HitBTC soon as well)
  • BOS is getting marketed now but in general not very known globally (yet!)
  • Token burn might happen if not all BOS get claimed (not officially confirmed, just my thought!)

It’s still a guess but I think opening price on Kucoin will be between 0,90 and 1,20 dollar.
It would be a good achievement. After that anything can happen. If the team manages to deliver within timelines, in 6 motnhs time it could grow towards 2-5 Dollar. As BOS enthusiast of course I want BOS to do good.
However, if the cryptohype may ever end, only good well-thought high-tech blockchains will survive, and hence I prefer a steady trend upwards for BOS.


Pretty good summary you’ve got there, guessing what price will be is anyone’s guess at the moment, I hope you are correct as that would be a nice profit from the ICO price.
I am hoping KuCoin will inspire/pressure hitBTC to sell real BOScoin as well otherwise no one will want to buy their overpriced IOUs.


@HJdeVries You summary looks quite rational and may become a self fullfilling prophecy because not only the holders but the sellers, too, are searching for a reasonable price to offer their piles.

But I’m still not so sure about it. As you mention much of the smaller bounties weren’t even claimed ~ 82mil BOScoin! Check here in the window Distributed BOS:

And there are many who want to fill their BOScoin stash to run a node or at least be able freeze.
IMHO this will suck-up the bounties and sells very quickly.
The extremly successful DASH example is too attractive to just selll off your BOScoin if you already have some thousands.

You maybe right with your opening price prediction, but I think it will not last long and trend up, after.