Suggestion for a real metallic BOScoin


I have a little suggestion for a real metallic BOScoin

I often see pictures of „real“ coins of ETH and BTC in some of the crypto media.
Watch attached picture links, please:

The easy way
Now, it would be nice to have a real metal BOScoin for promotion and reward purposes. With BOS’ own creation of the design you could already set the picture of BOScoin for the media!

The advanced thing!
And as an advanced idea, it would be exciting to have a real BOScoin lets say with the value of 10 or 100 BOS and with a limited number of 10k and each printed with the block-no. and hashcode of the real blockchain and those blocks are locked for the coins. For the coins metal I´d suggest bronze with some traces of special elements to make it fraud resistant.

Those coins would be rewards e.g. for people who have been very active in the slack, media other forums or supportive in other ways, or for the node owners and the BOS-team of the first year or special customers who helped or donated or supported somehow.

Remember Ethereum has its Unicorns although ment has a renturn for ETH donations to the foundation (and those are very valuable status symbols already!).

Similiar we could have m-BOScoin

Of course I´d rather would like receive such a m-BOScoin, whatwever type you choose :slight_smile:
Remember, for many people Crypto is something extremly abstract and they like to have a picture or even better something in their hands to feel = makes it „real“.

What do you think about? Yes, no, other opinion?


I like your proposal, We can also doit with common budget in the future!


Yes, perhaps we can tunr it into a proposal in time.
Love to see it discussed and shaped if enough interest.
I´d like to wager this unique BOScoin in my hands :heart_eyes:


Like this?


I want one for sure!


That’s a nice design danyk!


Maybe we could have coins forged when BOScoin breaks through certain price barriers or given to node operators Gold, Silver, copper an Platinum


Looks good! except the lettering at the bottom :smile:


Nothing against Korean, but my hope is that a real metallic BOScoin is not texted in a national language.
My understanding about the idea of Blockchain is an international vision, for everyone to participate and identify.
For me BOScoin is an international project which you can see from the many people coming from many different nations.
My idea for a text is a real unique hashcode on each coin to make them into real coins with real value.
But that would just be my favorite idea.


I agree with you on the international vision. I noticed the other day that the new version of doesn’t include a Korean version so I guess the coin doesn’t have to either. Either way, sorry to hijack your thread. Anything I contribute is purely experimental and for fun at this point.

Also, I’m happy to collaborate with you on this idea if you like. Maybe you can send me a sketch of what you had in mind and I can render it. Obviously, a unique hashcode would not apply to a CG render unless it were for a proof-of-concept, but I do like that idea.

I know there are a lot of places to mint physical tokens but I’m pretty sure that printing each with a unique hashcode would be incredibly expensive since that would require a unique press plate for each one. Also, SHA-256 requires 64 hexidecimal characters which is a lot to fit onto a coin. Not impossible but a lot. For now, maybe we can just start with a generic coin image for marketing purposes. We can use some milestone information that has meaning to us on the coin like the master wallet public address first used to distribute boscoins. GAMX6BVPNPWWRGGAUZGT57YG4ZYNI3FO5UHXYSGYBODQVFWIEBWVFDRX

I think I might start another thread at some point to post different render versions and iterations of boscoins and let the community vote on it and post suggestions.

…Idk, just spit-balling here. Let me know what you think


Me, too. And I really like your posted design! I even inverted the colours and put it as my profile background :slight_smile:

Project 1, generic promo coin::
For a generic coin for marketing purpose I don`t mind the language. I even can understand if S.Koreans want Korean text for local promo. Makes sense. No problem.

Project 2, BOScoin with real value, tied to blocks or TX from the blockchain:
My language concern is only for a coin that is tied to real hash- or transactioncode from the blockchain, taking its value from dedicated blocks of the blockchain. IMHO it should be english = international, if any text.

Not really, if the basic coin is generic and the code is engraved by laser or similiar in a 2nd round.
But I agree with the 64 HEX-chars. Thats quite a lot. Perhaps it could be some smaller TX-code in a block or something simliar unique.

Nothing fixed yet. Just wanted this idea to get attention and be played with.

I´m happy with any of your design ideas or suggestions from the comunity for both projects.
Question for me is atm: Will the BOSteam like and support it and what do they think about a value coin tied to the blockchain? And will they make it or would that be up to the comunity?

On my mind are also holografic coin versions in weak coloured glass or maybe other materials, like some hard wood-wheels, ceramic or a coinlike chip with the dedictaed blocks info inside, readable by USB or transponder.

So even that is open to the comunities imagination and discussion.


As far as I can tell, since a physical token is a completely aesthetic idea used mostly for branding and media support and has little to do with the technology as well as the fact that most of these products are decentralized and open-source, it seems that a lot of these token images are created by supporting members of the community. Hopefully, the BOScoin team approves of it. Otherwise, I’ll just call it, “fan art”.

Love this! I was actually playing with a holographic glass version already but it’s a tricky texture and needs a little more work.


If you really want to make a Crypto Coin, you’ll have to display the public seed on the coin and you’ll have to break or open the coin to have access to the private seed !

That’s how first Bitcoin have been made in physical coins :wink:


Agree, because once the coin is “used” it has no more value except collectors.

But I would like this idea!


Sounds like a cookie coin and remembers me at chinese restaurants where you get this fortune cookies after meal with a saying on paper inside.



Physical Bitcoins are crowd pleasers. Casascius told Wired in December of 2013 that he had minted nearly $82 million USD worth of his collectible tokens.

This article reveals how to “fill” those coins with value. That was one of my concerns.
danyk we can start the business, now :smile:


Nice ! Which software did you use for this ?


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