Stock market crash right ahead!


Don’t ask me how I know this but there’s going to be a huge stock market crash worse than in 2008
I have sourced a link to from Zero Hedge I’d like you to read.

I am keen on politics and history and I can see a great stock market crash is coming up!

Donald Trump won the surprise election Hillary Clinton was supposed to win, she out raised him 2 to 1 and the banks want revenge!

The Fed have since been raising interest rates every quarter unlike keeping them at 0% for Barack Obama and like with the 1930 stock market crash this is 100% manufactured by the banks, I know some of your team have history in banking you know what I’m telling you is true.

A business needs liquidity to survive and this could be our opportunity to overtake our competition?


Could be true, nobody knows. Results in the past are no guarantee for the future. If a crash is forthcoming, crypto will benefit from it!


Well europe prints its own money, like 8 billion a month. Just to keep the economy running.
Look at this:

Everybody thinks the economy in the EU is fine but its being manipulated, this will have consequences.


Yes, and because China and Japan and US and EU do it, nobody seems to “feel” it except when you want to buy a house or some property in that countries. Then you can see the value of your currency has dropppd to 1/2 or more and that maybe the reason why stocks of healthy companies go up, too.


Past doesn’t predict the future when it comes to the stock market.


with the Dow Jones at about 26,000 there is not a lot more up side to this story and plenty of plenty of downside, I think gold is a good bet at this stage?


Keep in mind the cryptocurrency guys will push for a crash because they want the money to flow in obv. I don’t own any stocks btw.


EU is actually in big debt. Only Germany is doing good … we have no industry and no valuable ressources like oil, gaz, or rare minerals …


In germany is everything better, the cars, the food, the beer, :beers: thats why next summer im in Munstertal :+1:t2:


I think the next big crash everything will drop and nobody will have access to liquidity which is why I suggested to BOScoin team that they have some of Bitcoin in cash reserves to give us an advantage over others but @Hankyeol assures me this is all in my head because of the source I showed him, we will see who is right in the end (I hope he is but fear I am?)


I never pretend to be right or knowledgeable on every matter, but I do feel a bit more comfortable talking about the economy and interest rates because that has been my professional career for a long time. The bottom line is I do not see a sudden crash to be quite frank. I may be wrong, but I think Janet Yellen did a great job and gave plenty of warning about raising interest rates, as well as the conditions for changing the rates. There were many factors in 2008, and one of the key factor was raising the rates too fast which made sub-prime loans go bad. Commodities, business environment, housing market etc. all seem pretty solid for now.
Now regarding the funds, it is for the foundation to handle. The portfolio is diversified, but I don’t think we should be in this arena if we don’t believe crypto can’t hold up.


Why is this even talked about on the boscoin forum. We should be talking about crytocurrency.

@Chef_Bedo if you think it’s going to crash, then bet against it and I hope it works out for you. Put your money where your mouth is. Spreading doom and gloom is just wasting time.


@conrad Not so much spreading doom I have talked to @Hankyeol about having cash reserves on hand in case there is a stock market/crypto-currency crash so they have plenty of liquidity at hand to keep the company running.
I myself personally have a percentage of my savings in gold which people turn to when stock markets crash so I have coveredmyself personally but feel each company should have a plan in place for if such a black swan event takes place.
I hope I am wrong about this but fear I may be correct?


Cryptos will definitely benefit from this crash.


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