Should BOScoin Team Start a Marketing Campaign


I think that before releasing the monster they are feeding it very well.
and with all the updates there are, I do not doubt that it is getting big.


@Chef_Bedo @ISRAEL_JIMENEZ_SANZ Now I agree the communication has gottern way better. We are getting more updates and that has improved. But thats not marketing its a seperate thing altogether. There are things arc community can be doing. The community managers or organizers should be organizing us. We are the free marketing and there is no direction we should have a coordinated effort to contact CCN or The Chart guys and have us keep asking this crypto youtube channels and news outlets so they see repetitive interest from their subscribers regarding BOScoin so we can get them to do segments or talk about our project on their youtube channel or show hence getting free advertising and marketing. If you find that cheesy Im sorry but at least its an idea. Our test net goes live soon and there probably isn’t even going to be a swell of buyers like whit everyt other coin because no one knows it is coming because we haven’t be advertising it. We need to mobilize this community and make it stronger and better. ChefBedo you mention BOSolar and Energy 7 that perfect we should be advertising about those partnerships and what that will mean to our platform. Honestly I forgot all about Stardaq and Delicracy becuase noboy has talked about it in so long. We currently have Jelly (dev team they are an awesome dev team ) but we are missing the peanutbutter (marketing) EACH WEEK WE SHOULD HAVE A DIFFERENT YOUTUBE CHANNEL TO CONTACT. WE SHOULD HAVE THE WHOLE COMMUNITY EMAIL AND INSTANT MESSAGE AND TWEET TO THIS CHANNELS HOSTS TO GET THEM TO TALK ABOUT BOSCOIN AND WHAT WE THE DEV TEAM IS UPTO. REGARDING AIRST AND HOMOGENEOUS CONSENSU. ETC IT DOENS’T COST MONEY TO MARKET


Yes @scott reached out to that one youtuber Korean BBQ I think it was to set up an interview and he didn’t get a response. I understand your calls for marketing to start ASAP and all I can guess is that they don’t want to just pump it up with costly advertising they want to gradually build up educating people about their platform through TestNet and MainNet and build real value?
They are planning a long-term race not a short sprint, if you sprint for the first 100 m of a marathon you’ll have spent all your energy and have nothing in the tank for the remaining marathon, they are obviously trying a different approach to other tokens by making BOScoin a means of exchange for commodities so BOScoin is usable in the real well (don’t forget their CEO was a commodity trader).
I would guess they are working on a marketing campaign for Stardaq and Delicracy will begin when the platform is launched as those are the first two user-friendly apps but again that’s just me speculating?
I am excited to see how their approach pays off, I hope it bears fruit?


@bulalex16 @ISRAEL_JIMENEZ_SANZ @BadBoymofo @BosGirl @Bosco17 @Rosco @Ryanable @Rum @bigboyganny @leonsong First, let me say I don’t care about Korean BBQ guy there are way more channels and place to reach out to. But let me also say great Scott reached out, does that mean we have done all we can do to get a response??? When you want to get something done and you feel it is imperitive you don’t stop at reaching out that is just the first step. Now I am not saying Scott didn’t do what he needed to do because he did. But at some point when you keep getting the same results, which has been we reached out, but they didn’t respond back. So whats your next step to just let it go??? I mean of course they didn’t respond becuase there is no community out reach and no marketing so people are not asking them about our project. All of this is directly related and one causes the other. So why would they do a segment on a project that none of their subscribers have been asking or talking about it. Lately I have been watching some of these channels to see why they do segments on certain coins to find out what drive the host. It turns out they only seem to do it if they have taken or been given a position, which means they have a stake or skin in the game. The only other reason is if they are getting repeated requests from their community. So we haven’t been getting responses in most cases regarding our attempts to reach out. So we are in fact NOT getting the desired result therefore, we need change how we approach it. Reaching out obviously isn’t enough, but we still need to do that. Since we don’t have access to funding yet the only other way they will do it is if they are inundated with repeated request from their direct subscribers or their community members. So we should organize a committee that directs our community with targeted viral marketing approach to drive up awareness with the goal of getting Youtube channels like CCN or DataDash like channels to talk about BOScoin and our projects progress. They will then respond to your attempts to reach out becuase we will be asking them on their live shows via the live chat and in their comments sections and via email. But it needs to be a coordinated and have a large segment of the our community involved. If you agree get the community members here that you know involved Share this with them by tagging them in a this topic lets get involved and wake up our community it is time to wake the sleeping giant and to get things moving and started building momentum for testNet. We are all active members of the community lets get everyone else involved.


I will say that in the past month there have been 4 press releases writtern about BOScoin developments achievements and where we stand. I think this is a great start and hope that they are really going to step up there efforts because I am here to stay and want whats best for BOScoin and BOScoins community. Now only 2 other news outlets besides prnewswire have run with this information. How can we get other outlets to pay attention and pick up the story/information??

Here is a link to all the articles written. Now how can we go about getting other outlets to pick up the story. Any though


Hi @bdfulker2 I also added an article here:

and the video about the Congress Network here:


think about how much marketing and awareness they spread when they did there ICO. than absolutely nothing since doesn’t that raise alarm bells for anyone. Boscoin dont bite the hand that fed you.

and money can never be an excuse at all. all this talk like oh we are saving money dont want to hear it there is so sos os ososoooooooooo much free marketing you could be doing bosoin and your not doing it.

check coin marketcap Boscoin is now up there with all the shit coins now on page two thanks to a lack of marketing and awareness… lol NO idea.

let me ask you this if you come to blockchain now and you are looking to put your money somewhere would you put it with Boscoin. you wouldn’t for obvious reasons there are other coins that do a better job of selling there vision and that is where you would put your money. i mean other projects selling there vision Boscoin isn’t showing there vision at all. that worries me and thats my point new money will not find its way to bos because there is absolutely no sign of a comunity no awareness and old money that has left will not find its way back they dont get it they will never get it.

good luck I’m out. wish every one the best. may you be prosperous on your blockchain journey. I’m going to lend my passion to icon. expect a dump on Kucoin in next few days… :slight_smile:

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I know they need to market by a much larger scale. I am the one who started this vote. I am just saying 4 in one month is alot for them in the past year they have never done that since the ICO. So it has picked up. I don’t think its nearly enough, but I am hoping its only the start. What I don’t think people get is you only get one shot at this. There is no second chances if this isn’t done right it will be 100 times harder to have a successful eco system. It seems that they are taking the approach of being of not wanting to grow to fast and I know from experience that doesn’t work out very well.


Best marketing we will have is a youtube video explaining and showing how to vote on proposals through homomorphic encryption with your phone (or whatever kind of device used). This is going to be huge !
Community is still small perhaps, but it will grow, just be patient :wink:, the more we will advance on the roadmap, the more we will have to tell and bring interest in this great project. We, as a community, will have to prove our reliability (or that people can trust us) by running our nodes, and by voting accordingly to the benefits of BOS ecosystem.


I am in as well. Let me know if you get the job or not.


hello I happened to see BOS. I don’t know how the team is progressing.