Should BOScoin Team Start a Marketing Campaign

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This was mentioned in the latest newsletter @bdfulker2 “We have several conferences on the schedule after TestNet release. We will finalise our plans for conferences, and do expect to attend many more this year to promote BOScoin. These will also include local meet ups. Our marketing effort is increasing as we prepare for TestNet, and will continue through MainNet launch. We are focused on building the platform, and educating people on our vision for BOS platform.”


I think it is more important to develop the platform properly rather than start the marketing. I want to see the promised features running, trust contracts etc. I don’t think it will help doing events and then saying “this feature is not ready yet, we might have it on the Q4 2018”.


Why can’t we do both. The community works on the marketing campaign and Bos development team works on development. This doesn’t take anything away from the development of the platform. There should be a Marketing team seperate from development. Your acting as if you can only have one of these things. All of the great cryptocurrencies have both. Why can’t we do it all its not a one or the other situation and you shouldn’t look at it or frame it that way. I never said have a working product is less important because thats not true we need to have a great working and successful platform. But we should also be creating a buzz about this great product we are developing. I want everyone to know about BOScoin and what we are doing so when the platform goes live people are lined up to get on the network as opposed to have to build all that momentum after its finished and live. It should be started now thats what I am saying. The development team needs to keep doing
what they are doing and I happen to believe they are doing an amazing job. But we should simultaneously get a professional to start to directing the conversation about BOScoin and building buzz about the great potential of our project. I check and read the crypto news and chats and I never hear anything about this amazing team and project from anyone outside of the community. I am not saying there is zero talk, but about it because I don’t see everything, but I feel that there is so much more to this project and its not recognized for how great it is and that should be rectified. People are weird they need to hear about a project often


Ryan you need to see it running but what about the people who have never heard of BOScoin. Dont they need to hear about the project so they can see what is being developed. There are billions of potential projects and people to bring into the community to make it the great platform and community and to do that we need exposure to new people. I am talking about marketing to people who may have never heard of BOScoin. Say hey this is who we are and what we are developing. This is our road map and what we can contribute to this world with our project come be apart of what we are doing because its an amazing project with unlimited potential and we want you to be a part of it


I think thats great, as it should be an exponential marketing build up since the current marketing effort has been minimal. Can we have some more information on what that means. Does that mean we have hired a marketing team or publisist or that we plan too. Who or what is our target market. How big is our target market and what is our expected market penetration? What is our plan to capture this market? What can the community do to support the marketing effort and who is going to coordinate this effort?


I think that the marketing company needs to start now! Now there will be a launch of TestNet - this is a test version for MainNet. If you bring people to BosCoin at the level of TestNet, then people will have time to get acquainted with the platform and calculate the project’s prospects for the MainNet working platform. People will see an increase in BOS revenues, which can bring them to the nodes. This will enable the growth of the cost of the project. If you start an advertising campaign at the level of the MainNet worker, it will mean that the cost of the project is stable and the project price will increase in the future only through smart contracts. It is necessary to run a marketing company at one time with the launch of TestNet !!!


I see this as a positive for people still wanting to buy a node, people that bought at a higher price just need to sit back and wait for MainNet to begin, maybe you’d like to buy another node in the lead up to launch?


Chef you will remember as well as me they said the same thing when we got onto exchanges its all excuses excuses tell them what they wanna hear. lack of transparency. they said when we are on a exchange they will market. so no boy who cried wolf. so i actually dont think they will market even than. the problem is Boscoin dont see marketing as important. they need a marketing expert asap. who is the marketing expert at Boscoin never heard of him. marketing isn’t something you just do later. all these other projects get it projects that dont have a working product but are marketing the shit out of there coin why because of the network effect what is the network effect in one word COMUNITY. Boscoins Comunity is definitely not growing ok not growing in fact its getting smaller people are leaving for other communities. You know that chef we are like the OG’S in here how many people used to be here that are just not hear anymore, this forum lacks a lot of activity.


the fact that Only 14 people have voted so far is a very clear example that Boscoin really really need to start marketing. we are a very tiny comunity in fact we are so small I’m not sure we can call our selves a comunity more like a small group of people


I understand that the Boscoin team is doing their best to develop the project. However, when it comes to marketing, this project definitely needs some new strategies implemented. As an investor, this project is certainly in the ‘danger zone’.

Participating in conferences and hosting meet-ups are much more of a ‘communications’ strategy in the sense that you are communicating with the external stakeholders. Therefore, it is NOT marketing. It is more closely related to Public Relations.

You need to firstly know the differences between a communications strategy & a marketing strategy. From what I can see so far, you guys are handling e-newsletters, participating conferences, and hosting community meet-ups. These are all part of the ‘communications strategy’. Communications strategy includes but are not limited to: press releases, featured articles, advertorials, conferences, meet-ups/networking events, e-newsletters, and social media management.

On the other hand, you guys are clearly lacking ‘marketing strategy’ which includes but are not limited to: paid social advertisements, paid search advertisements, social media campaigns (viral content management - influencer marketing), bounty campaigns, airdrops, giveaways, and search engine optimization for your website & blog posts.

Having a perfectly working platform is important but marketing is as much, important. Especially when there are dozens of other blockchain platforms which are similar to Boscoin and are readily and aggressively marketing their platforms.

What we can do as a community:

  • Raise some funds to host our own marketing campaigns & form a community marketing group of our own
  • Promote Boscoin wherever we can - simply posting a link daily on relevant /r/ on Reddit is a good start

just 2 cents from a random crypto-marketing guy who loves Boscoin.


Thank you, I have been saying it for so long and trying to get some movement. You basically just put all my thoughts into a clear and concise message. We need to get everyone who is still active in the community to vote on this so they can see that this is what the community wants as it is obviously clear that they don’t see the value and I want this project to succeed and we need to do what we can push it in the right direction.


Marketing is life of every business, while finance is the backbone…Any business without marketing or advertisement is like toasting a girl without doing follow up


Yes. In fact, out of the number of people who voted, we can conclude that people do not know about the BosCoin project. And those who knew, forgot about him. When there was a vote on the Kucoin exchange, many more people voted. Obviously people forgot about the project. Someone sold his coins, someone had coins in his wallet and he forgot about them. Conclusion: marketing is needed urgently! If there is marketing, then people will remember about the project. Those people who did not know the project BosCoin - learn about it. BosCoin is like a new product. For any product you need a consumer. The consumer will not try a new product unless he knows about it.


Well said @leonsong if they dont figure this marketing problem soon this sinking ship can’t be salvaged and restored it will be to late and fall to the ocean floor.

There is a trend at first when the comunity raised these issues about growing the community they said they will focus efforts after we are on exchanges. and there has been no effort since we have been listed. no effort at all. so now they say they same thing after main net. nah its the boy who cried wolf fool me once fool me twice I’m done.

Question is does boscoin have a community really. it doesn’t 20 people lets say under 100 like thats pathetic they are missing the boat missing a massive a massive opportunity and thats sad. dont invest all your eggs in Bos thats what i say. not when marketing and building the comunity is not thought of at all no serious plans have been laid out and when there is lack of transparency. And the small comunity ( 20 to 30 people )has lost trust time and time again.

Has anyone from Boscoin ever considered how many comunity members have left because of these issues. lack of transparency lack of trust and no idea about marketing. since I’ve been here and that is since ICO. I’ve seen all enthusiasm and people dwindle. now the 20 left are not enthusiastic we are disappointed


Yes I remember and I believe they are slowly building up, attending conferences where they can both speak and set up a booth, they have been picking up more meet ups around the world with people in the community. I understand your calls for more marketing in the same fashion as other currencies have done in the past but I think BOScoin team have a different style/approach to this that we either a) have to trust they know what they’re doing (like I do) or b) jump off the ship and head to the exit?

As far as I believe BOScoin is the first digital currency that plan to launch with 2 ready-made apps (Stardaq and Delicracy) and who are approaching public financing?

Two of the first trust contracts will be BOSolar and Energy7 which give me a great amount of hope for their vision going forward and I eagerly await reading their second White Paper so I can get a grasp of what more they have in store.

As for communications/marketing strategy I believe they will be rolling out more communications as TestNet and MainNet rollout but as for paid ads, I guess they have plans for consume outreach and hopefully have professionals to turn to as they need customers like any product/business


Maybe the BosCoin team is very professional in all oblosti. But the fact that people who are interested in the project is getting smaller and smaller - this is a big lack of marketing policy. The decrease in the number of people interested in the project is becoming less and less - this is evident from the volume of trading on the exchange. In addition, it can be seen at the price of the BOS coin. Marketing is necessary! Even if there is not enough advertising on the Internet (but it will still be) - this will give an opportunity to keep people who are interested in the project. Without advertising, interest is lost. If there is no advertising and other support, then new people will not come!


Maybe they are saving their funds for marketing once they have a product to market, I understand where you guys are coming from I don’t disagree with most of your points, I hope BOScoin has a plan and team in place to implement everything that is needed to bring about mass adoption and soon. They have set up ARIST which is a research team and I look forward to other developments that roll out as TestNet rolls into MainNet


TestNet should start first (I hope that this happens in a few days). But in order for TestNet to perform its functions, and in order for BosCoin to prepare MainNet, nodes are needed. Who will run the nodes? I’ll run my own nodes, you’ll make the start of the nodes, another 100 people will launch the nodes. Exchange traders will run - nodes? They will not do it. Other people will not start the nodes, because they will not know about the BosCoin project. People should be given information about this. And this can be done through marketing. Then people will buy the nodes and make a profit in the BOS coin. This will increase the demand for the BOS coin with all the ensuing consequences.


I hope there are only 100 people ready to run nodes on the beginning opening blocks, I will be one of them.