Running a boscoin node for beginners


hi. can anyone explain hardware requirements of a node. also an instructinon would be nice


Just about any computer will be able to run a node. The specs will come out closer to mainNet in early 2018.


And you need 40.000 BOS to run a node


The team will provide instructions on how to run a node. I’m sure there will also be community driven initiatives where tutorials and guides will be made on how to host a node on your own computer, on a server, in the cloud, etc.


the node for me is the most interesting and belong to the congress, I’ll be waiting for instructions :+1:


I guess some things can already be said about the specs around a node:
-Node software would min. be for Windows and Linux
-Internet connection should be good and stable
-Computer hardware seem not to be very specific or demanding BUT as the BOScoin blockchain will grow you need to be aware of a growning need of storage. I guess (from a comparison with Ethereum) for the first year you are fine with 64GByte HD, SD-card, SSD, USB-Stick, etc. if not unexpected loads of tx happen on BOScoin.
-I´d personally prefere a LAN connection to the router/internet rather than WiFi (more vulnerable)
-As there will be a punishment for (a longer time) failing, mailicious or not voting nodes, it surely is good to have an UPS (for PC and router) in case your private power grid fails

Thats the things coming to my mind.

Anyone knowing more, please correct me or feel free to add.


A barebone computer without fans, no monitor added, just remote desktop to install and maintain. Just a decent CPU and SSD with backup to cloud should be enough? And a decent firewall solution I guess.
And it’s better to split your home network in two networks. You don’t want the node to be slow when you are watching a movie :slight_smile:


Hmmm, I have an Amiga 500 sitting idle, this could work :wink: