Run a NODE server/info



where can I find more info about how to run a node (after main-net)?

is it possible to use windows servers?

Thank You.


Information isn’t released yet but only linux and MacOS to start.


windows systems will happen later


I’m on Windows 10 does that mean I won’t be able to run a node to start with?


kCTO said windows wouldn’t be supported right away. So you can use a digital ocean linux cloud server like i suggested instead of your local computer. Or buy a computer and run linux on it. or a MacOS


Its not very safe to run a node on the main wallet, why don’t use windows server VPS from the start?


VPS is the best idea


Vps is the best idea, native linux of course, but if you want you can always use a virtualization software to run a linux node on windows.


you give the node your public address and the node never has access to your private key on a rrmote server. No security concern there.


Digital Ocean it is then, once the node instructions are released I’ll get my computer technician to walk me through it.


where can I find this software?


Search about virtual machine. VirtualBox is well known free software. VMware provides free version for personal users. There is a bunch of others. Any of them will do.


What version of Linux should I create using VirtualBox?


I would wait for the specs for testnet in March. but I will run ubuntu 64 bit and it should work no problem


I also recommend ubuntu. You need iso image of it. Download ubuntu-16.04.3-desktop-i386.iso from here.


Is it possible for Boscoin team prepare a video to explain how prepare a computer with Ubuntu to be a node?
This should help a lot those like me that dont have experience in mining.


Yes we will do that but it’s not out yet. End of march