Reverse ICO Partner Program


As stated in the Whitepaper 2.0 Part1, BOScoin has proposed a new solution to solve the high financial commission problem of Project Financing through following three alternatives; ‘credit creation through participation, global finance through collective intelligence, and the commonization of assets’, The specific implementation of ‘Public Financing’ is called RIPP(Reverse ICO Partner Program).

What is RIPP (Reverse ICO Partner Program) ?

  • RIPP is financed by BOSNet, the mainnet for public financing based on blockchain.
  • RIPP is targeting reverse-ICO firms that are already operational with their own business models, and looking for additional financing through blockchain based ICOs or Public Financing, not the traditional financial system.
  • Our partners can conduct business quickly, without the need for extensive technological investments into the blockchain. Furthermore, raising post-ICO capital on BOSNet through Public Financing is drastically cheaper than using the traditional financial system with its high fees.

RIPP Process

  1. Submit Application
  2. Business Evaluation & Partnering firm Selection
  3. Pre-ICO : Securing initial funding (50:50 investment with partners)
  4. ICO : Technical advisory & blockchain technical support
  5. BOSNet : Additional funding through business operations and PF

RIPP Application
Please click the button below to submit your application.
After reviewing the application, we will contact all candidates individually.

Apply for RIPP via google form below


I would recommend anyone interested in learning about Public Financing and our reverse ICO partner program take a look at this article. You can ask @scottmatheina any follow up questions. We are accepting applications.