Request for binance listing


what is about to request listing at the binance exchange??
here are details


binance exchange is one of the most exciting exchange platform and it grows like crazy!


@miheico I guess nobody is against listing at binance or taking part in the community voting.
But lets finish the listing procedure with our new API at KuCoin first and lets have some trading volume there.

After that binance.


I agree. Other exchanges are monitoring which tokens are popular and which one are not.
Time will tell.


Kucoin first, great exchange to be on, they grow fast :rocket:


Once the integration is sort out with Kucoin, Binance will be easy. I actually love Binance as it is very fast and reliable exchange


The integration with exchanges is going fine. Follow for their announcement our pending listing. I will, of course, let everyone know once kucoin makes their announcement.


But if BOScoin Team will request BOScoin for voting, it will for sure take some time and it will for sure not interfere with anything. Why not do so? Binance is for sure much greater exchange than Kucoin.


We all saw that TrueFlip (the second coin during the Kucoin vote) is already implemented.

Maybe it is a warning for the Bosteam.
The warning says : It is difficult to use your API
The team must deliver a good API and documentation, in order to allow exchanges to add us easily.

We understand we are not an ERC-20 token … but it should not be a pain in the ass to add us, like it is right now.
Some of us are really in demand of technical informations and testing platform.


dear boscoin officials did you approach binance???


This is a top 1 trading market in terms of daily volumes. Since there we can get the same as with kucoin, what for do we wait???


We can’t tell you who we’ve contacted, when, or anything else. We are in contact with many exchanges, and working to get our token listed on all exchanges as soon as possible. It isn’t easy, fast, or even logically consistent listing on exchanges. It is 100% up to the exchanges to list a token. We are working to make it happen.


Here, , it is written the next:

  1. If you wish for your coin to participate in our vote, please send your request to If you are not a core team member of the coin, please kindly ask one of their core team to make the request

What is a problem to write them and ask to add boscoin for the next voting round??
what is the point to write like that: “We can’t tell you who we’ve contacted…” in case of binance??
It would be much more useful if boscoin fans will consolidate again and win the voting. And then boscoin will be listed very fast as a lot of other binance vote winners?

Where am I wrong?


I’m sure the dev team is doing best they can to get it listed on all exchanges.
We want our coin to get listed on Binance… We may need to contact them more than once?


They have NDA when they are approaching exchange… if you talk about “We will be next week on **** exchange” you are breaking the NDA.

Exchange don’t want teams who announce they will be on this exchange… it is easy to understand and , you have to understand also that the regulation and hacks on Korean exchange does not help us !


what Boscoin needs is two exchanges after Boscoin gets on one exchange the most important thing is to get on another. it secures the coin from getting a market value of 0 and a stigma as a shit coin. look at safex oh boy they have suffered.

Elon musk said a multi planted species sure beats a single planet species. well same for bos Bos on two exchanges sure beats bos on one exchange.
if one gets delisted than it can servive. and some exchange dont mess around when it comes to delisting.


@miheico You need to stop assuming that they have not or are not in contact with Binance, the tone in your comment is as if BOScoin team are refusing to contact exchanges, learn to read between the lines of what Scott is telling you and not what your assumption has led you to believe.

That is where you are wrong!


@Chef_Bedo, gotcha. Maybe you are right. I wish that you are right! Anyway, after that my post, i have found lots of good news, so, my general mood about ongoing boscoin related things is changed 180 degrees! At that time i was a bit absed. So, sorry for my a bit misbehaving



Just because we haven’t been selected for their contest please don’t assume we aren’t applying. Because we are and it’s up the exchange to select us. They have hundreds if not thousands of projects applying to this contest.