Public Finance as it relates to BOScoin


I would like to get more information on BOScoin and the public financing. The newsletter said that at the meet ups they spend alot of time discussing public financing. I would like to get some information on the public financing as it relates to BOScoin. I also think we should have this information so it is accessable to all of the community and potential investors here in the forum. So please add any information you have here and any questions you have here. Hopefully one of these other committed community members and I will be able to answer your questions regarding public finance as it relates to BOScoin @scott @Chef_Bedo
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Presentation on Public Financing -


BOScoin is a Self-Evolving Blockchain Platform for Public Financing. BOScoin enhances the way Social Capital is used to create products and services on our platform by funding projects which are expected to add long term value to the entire network with funds from our community managed “Commons Budget."


My take on public financing is basically as follows, BOScoin is establishing a congressional voting ecosystem whereby we as node operators ‘Congressman’ vote on legislation ‘proposals’ put forward by the public. Public financing is just that, financing all proposals put forward that pass our vote by more than 10%, plain and simple.


Ok, thats what my understanding is of it as well @scott. So let me break down my thoughts and questions that I would like clarification on.
I put forward a question a while ago regarding our smart contracts and in the response I was told that here at BOScoin we will use our smart contracts to add functionality to our network and platform instead of adding new blockchain networks ontop like eth does. Which is a great way to address the the Ethereum network scaleability issue.
1. Are all proposals put forward by community members only?

With that question and question 1 in mind. I have a few more questions. if the funding from the commons budget is going to be used as a mechanism to add functionality to the BOScoin platform and network.
2._A) Is the commons budget also going to be used to start new businesses outside of the BOScoin platform and network?
2._B) If so how will that contribute to the value of BOScoin?
2._C) Will each funded project become property of BOScoin
2._E) If BOScoin ends up owning all products or services added then how will we attract clients or the best services

I would like to understand how this applies to a business model, how it will add value, who actually will own the funded projects, if Boscoin owns the projects how do we intend to attract the best ideas. These are some of the things I think community member may want as I am also interested to find out.


The new white paper will clear up any questions regarding Public Financing and the BOS Platform. I don’t want to get ahead of the official white paper release.


Yes, you have to be a community member to write and submit a proposal. Which only requires owning a very small amount of BOS, so in theory anyone can write a proposal.


Proposals for Public Financing can be submitted for anything. But the congress has the decision on whether or not any proposal is approved.


The merits of any Public financing proposal are made on its merits. So I can’t answer these other questions. The answer is it depends on the proposal, the individual or company that writes the proposal determines the terms, but there will be a policy to guide the creation of proposals that meet the BOS Platform Foundation vision, and to benefit the community.


@scott Thank you. You are right the white paper does answer alot of these questions I started this a day to early. I am trying to understand how each different project or project proposal will actually increase the value of the BOScoin, but I think its just struthat I am struggling to see how multiple industries and companies will fit into a single tokens utility. Its was just hard for me to visualize it without these details. But this is a failure of my imagination and not BOScoin. But I gues that with any business with enteprise software it will become about our API and how easy integration into the BoS network will be for each project that get approval, but without having proposals it is hard to see how this will work. But I am intrigued and excited to see how this project and its implementation will progress. This weeks announcement was an amazing one.