Plans after MainNet launch (and listing on exchanges)


Hey BOS community! Wondering about your courses of action once BOS is officially public on exchanges and the MainNet is online.

I was thinking of shorting a bit while the hype is up and then getting back in around a few days/week later.



Its a valid trading strategy.
Personally I was more successful with holding coins than trying to time the market.


Yes I am more a fan of investing early and holding long-term


I Will make the same as @Chef_Bedo


But its a good entry point for people who wasn’t aware of the ico :slight_smile: ! i advise my friends to invest on BOS but … they will have to wait for the launch dip :wink: !


It will be also possible to earn three kind of rewards by freezing boscoin and running a node.


Yes isn’t @dahemmer’s reward calculator great!