Open Letter from BOScoin Community to BOS Platform Foundation Council Members


Dear Inhwan Kim, President of BOS Platform Foundation and Komaromi Serge, Council Member of BOS Platform Foundation

I send you this letter as representative of BOScoin Korean Community.

My name is Dami, one of the BOScoin community member in Korea.
I have been working for 24 years, and I am the main supporter of my household with one son and one daughter living in Ulsan Korea.

I got to know about BOScoin project 3 years ago, and invested more than 20BTC.
I am a BOScoin holder who supports your project and is waiting for good results from BOScoin.

I am extremely furious about the recent situation, yet I am being very patient about it.
After getting the consent from BOScoin holders, I am writing this official letter to you as representative of them.

First of all, I send this letter to hear the stance of foundation about various controversies and want to request “Please join us and attend the BOSCON event”.

We have been anticipating BOScoin project for the last three years.
We earnestly ask you to clarify every misunderstandings and resolve previous conflicts. We really wish you to participate in the BOSCON event as a BOScoin family member.

Moreover, there are some questions from the BOScoin community and holders that we would like you to take the answer. Again, we wish to ease any misunderstandings and conflicts between BOScoin foundation and BOScoin project, and to see your partipation at BOSCON.

However, if you disregard this request to attend BOSCON and we are unable to see you both at BOScoin meetups, we believe you are refusing to communicate with BOScoin holders (and investors). We will present a united front to foundation actively to fight for our right. For this, I am not speaking to you from a community holder’s perspective. I will be speaking to you as a BOScoin investor, and there will be some actions needing to be performed. I ask you again, to open up communications with us, to reduce unpleasant incidents from happening.

If, unfortunately, our request is being neglected despite our efforts, we will have to take legal action with our lawyers and accountants. We will track the accounting and capital flow of the foundation.

If there is any illicit fund, embezzlement, or anything that was used for personal advantage and welfare, we will be taking legal actions in accordance with Korean law, and of course the Swiss law.

In my opinion, one of the three foundation council members, Yezune Choi, knows his limits and courageously expose all facts to the media and community.

We look forward to seeing Inwhan Kim and Komaromi Serge at BOSCON.
Again, we wish you can come to BOSCON event, and let us know your point of view, objective and stance.
We want to solve any misunderstandings and conflicts between you, us, and BOScoin.

BOScoin community.


What’s all this extra drama about? Is it cooked up to promote the Boscoin?