On the new PFs: PP_001 to PP_001-A to PP_004-A


There are 4 new PFs in the PF section of the site.
1 and 2 are pretty straightforward
3 raises some questions: are the “Individual reasons for no-confidence – Yezune Choi, the director of BOS platform foundation” valid? Did he know about the attempted fraudulent actions, corruption and embezzlement? If yes, why did he leave them unaddressed? One needs to know these details, in order to reach a proper decision for the vote.
4 raises at least the question about who these people are? We only have short statements representing their position. Some statements are self evident, but they don’t say anything about commitment to the development of the platform (as opposed to that absurd attempt to fork by creating an ERC-20 based token etc). We need more details about each one of them in order to reach a proper decision for the vote.

And the big question: how a vote on the platform will be enforceable in the real world? Is this vote legally binding in any way? Will the no-confidence votes practically dismiss the targets of the votes or it’s just a statement from the community of the eligible voters? If a favorable vote for proposal 4 is reached, will these people become the leading body of the platform, with access to all that matters?



Less than 4 days until the start of the voting and no details, no answers, no comments. I find this a bit unsettling.


Hi bjh,
If you use the new forum site specifically designed for BOScoin members, you’ll be able to receive response for constructive questions from BOS team. BOS team has addressed there are no concerns using the forum site and encouraged members to use the new forum to avoid answering redundant questions.

Here is the link of the forum for BOS members: https://congress-forum.boscoin.io
Thanks and have a great day.


It seems the forum registration asks for my secret seed. Isn’t this a bit extreme? The secret seed is the main security token for my BOS account.
I’d think that registering with the public address and confirming the registration with the e-mail on file would be sufficiently secure form of authorization for a forum registration.



If you’re dumb enough to put in your secret seed into a site that doesn’t even have the boscoin name, then you enjoy losing all your tokens.The domain forwards to an unknown domain to me at least.


I don’t know who are you referring to, but that is exactly what I was saying, just in a nicer way. I was saying that I see no reason to input my secret seed anywhere just to access a forum. And I was also saying that using the public key/address, combined with replying/confirming by the e-mail registered for that address should be secure enough for the forum’s side (if they need to confirm the identity of the person who is requesting registration).



No worries man, just giving you a hard time haha. Since the link and the destination url do not match up I can only assume that it’s a scam link.


No problem :slight_smile:
The forwarding looks dubious, indeed, even tough it does forward to blockchainos.org (the site of the BOSCoin developers). Even so, there should be no need to ask for the secret seed. It could be a design fault on their side, but still no good reason to input one’s secret seed (as I mentioned earlier).



What happened to scott? He would be a good person to ask, but seems he hasn’t been on a forum in a while.


Last time I got feedback from @scott was almost a month ago.


I had brought up this issue to the devs. They say it’s secure.


@scott : I’m afraid this is not the point. The questions I raised are valid - and the point is the secret seed should not be used for trivial things, especially when there are clean and secure ways to do it without the secret seed.


Almost a month since the last vote. Any relevant changes, news etc? Or it was just an exercise in futility?


At least the websites are still up :smiley:


…and the freezing rewards are still coming :slight_smile:


Nice I just saw a new reward come in today :smiley: Now if the price of bos could only go back to where it was before. 1c just isn’t very exciting.


Has there been any news the last couple months?


No news at all on the BOScoin front. On the Foundation front, they announced officially the new chain and token: BOS Agora. Did you register for their AirDrop?


Thanks I was able to register for the airdrop. I found out in the telegram you only get credit for the bos you had during the snapshot at early april. Most activity is in the telegram.


Yep - I did it a couple of days ago. Let’s see what happens. I grew tired of this feud between them and right now I’m looking at it from a neutral point of view. Let them both blossom, if possible. Or at least one.