Now that we’re trading, when Nodes?


Im very glad that we were able to go live, and with unexpected high volumes, it safe to say it went well!

Now, as a holder since ICO, I really wanted this coin for its purposes to run nodes.

I have enough units for nodes and am wondering when we can start registering?

Thanks BOS Team!!


We have been very clear. BOSnet mainnet will be released in May


Forgive my ignorance in these matters but how is it that BOS is traded on KuCoin when the MainNet has yet to generate to be created aka make a genesis block? Is this trading executing off of a test net?


On October 31, 2017 the team has launched the TokenNet, a live network which allows BOScoin to be transferred between wallet accounts. Along with the TokenNet launch, the genesis block was created as well, containing the initial 500,000,000 BOS, of which the biggest part has been distributed over the last months to fundraiser and bounty participants. The MainNet will replace the TokenNet eventually.

More information can be found in the TokenNet FAQ and TokenNet release notes.



I have three questions:

  1. In this time nodes are operated by the BOS team until MainNet launch, so during this period BOS team are rewarded Freezing & Confirmation Rewards?

  2. Is May the deadline to launch of MainNet or this can change?

  3. Related of distributed tokens below, is there some block period that avoid them to sell?
    – Foundation : 40,000,000
    – Members : 40,000,000
    – Bounty : 10,000,000
    How much were already used in Bounty program?

Thanks for the asnwer


No, there are no rewards for running a node until BOSnet (mainNet) in May.


Software development estimates can always be changed, but we will update the community on any changes. I also want to mention the CTO is doing monthly videos, and I’m sure he will discuss our progress during these videos.


The team coins are issued to the team over time, held by the foundation until issued, and subject to a lockup period based on our long term development road map. The foundation coins are also held in reserve, and not in circulation. The bounty coins that remain at BOSnet (mainNet) will be added to the commons budget. I don’t have an amount distributed by the foundation for bounty.