Nice Price Action


Me to. up up up and away


Can you explain your logic? I don’t get what your saying. What does 70% registered on whalex is a bounty hunter? What is the relation to the current market price. Why does someone need to but 500,000,000 million coins? But I agree marketing a little help needs help


It’s my personal opinion. If much more people know about coin then successful project can will be.
Walex is a new exchange and available only in Korea.
What metods used whalex to promote, maybe SEO/Social Marketing/Advertising/Ref program ?; No they just paid 30 coin for new member registration.

Who is whalex owner/team ? (No about us page on website; domain whois is hidden)
Is walex have a legal licence on exchange fiat money ?
Why is whalex trusted ? Do you sent few BTC to walex without fear?

Only questions, no answers :slight_smile:


Jae Min Oh is the CEO of Actwo Technologies (the company behind WhaleX)

He was former CEO of Dunamu Investment, a subsidiary of Dunamu (Well known for the largest Korean crypto exchange Upbit)

WhaleX is also a member of Korea Blockchain Association among other members (Upbit, Bithumb, CoinOne, Huobi Korea, OKCOin Korea, etc.


I have seen people in the past compare BOScoin to other digital currencies and claim BOScoin’s marketing is bad but we are only in TokenNet which was only released so we could trade tokens leading up to MainNet, which is where the Commons budget will be the priority of building dapps and marketing and is when we will be a real competition with other currencies.


I woke up to a nice bos pump this morning.
It seems to be timed well for the whalex launch in a few hours.
The take up for the bos airdrop seems quite limited so i’m not expecting a major dump.
Any thoughts?


It will be a good thing moving on from being a single exchange coin to multiple exchanges, that can only be positive for us and the price of BOScoin


another exchange soon to be announced!


Non financial advise, just me being bullish :grin:
We double bottomed, 4h MA cross breaks the downtrend, bullish divergence, 2 sell walls to cross or bounce against, lets see.