Nice Price Action


It look like fake pump :slight_smile:


are the whales setting it up for a fall?


I think No, it is not. It is in preparation for its listing on a South Korean exchange.


it looks like its mostly holding the gains :slight_smile:


Do you mean ? It is new exchange, has only 3500 members at now.


Whalex will be open mid April and BOScoin will be the first to be traded.


Yes its whalex. Big exchanges start also with a few members as well.


That’s very good, but i think adding to bitgumb, bitinex, binace is much better.


Is there a way to change the whalex script to english?


whalex is for koreans at the momemt. BOS/KRW pair but they will expand in the future to international users. You can right click in google chrome “translate to english”


are you sure?
BOD/FIAT will boost liquidity manifold, no?


these korean exchanges are Crypto/KRW… bithumb only has crypto/KRW pairs. of course they could add crypto/crypto pairs, but at launch I believe they will be BOS/KRW.


looking forward to the launch!