Nice Price Action


Chef is 100% right, don’t watch the daily prices. Just my opinion but the fundamentals of this project are strong and whatever sort of price action we’re currently seeing is just manipulation to a certain extent.


If I buy high, never sell low and wait. What you can do is buy now cheap to make a profit and counteract the fall, buying when the trend is bullish again. or have a lot of patience and stay hold.


The price was over 1.20 $. Now 0.16 $.
가격은 1.20 $ 이상이었습니다. 이제 0.16 $입니다.

When the price is $ 0.01, then everyone can buy their node. And not even one. Then the Mainnet network will be large and will be able to handle a very large number of transactions. Perhaps this is what the developers of BosCoin want?


I am waiting for main net open in June.
I got 80,000Bos for 2 node and will get some rewards from June.


If you bought a node then wait until MainNet, run your node and you will earn rewards, just don’t sell when it is low and you have not lost anything, try not to watch the day to day prices and set your goal for running a node.


비디오의 내용이 달라져야 합니다.
기술적인 것보다 보스코인을 갖고 있는 사람들에게 주어지는 이익이나 비젼을 심어주는것이 필요합니다. 기술적인 내용은 각 코인마다 나름의 기술이 다 있기때문에 지루합니다!
거두절미 하고 우리에게 얻어지는 수익구조와 거래소상장등의 실제 이익과 관련된것이 홍보되지 않으면 다른 내용들은 흥미를 주지 못합니다.


I know why the Boscoin coin goes down.
BosCoin creates its own Mainnet network. This network will process transactions (including). For fast network operation, a large number of nodes is needed. The larger the nodeы, the more Mainnet’s network speed, is that true?
If the node is very expensive, few people will buy them = a small amount of node. If node will have a small price = many people will buy them.
Who could buy a node and risk more than $ 40,000? Only a few people. And if the price is 1BOS = 0.01 $, then 1node = 400 $ = a lot more people will buy node (and not even one). Then the Mainnet network will work quickly.
While the Mainnet network has not started its work, the developers of BosCoin have time to make the price 1BOS = 0.01 $. And how to do it? Simply - your inaction in the marketplace and advertising. That’s what they are doing now!
When the Mainnet network starts working, many people will open their node, because they will become cheap. The network will work very quickly. Only after that, the developers of BosCoin will advertise their product. And only after that the price of the BOS coin goes up and very quickly. And if BosCoin opens its Mainnet network in June, then the price of 1BOS will be = 1 $ not earlier than by the end of summer or the beginning of autumn. Maybe the price of 1BOS will be $ 10, but not earlier than the end of the year. And at this time, developers need a price of $ 0.01, so people can create many nodes.
It’s my personal opinion. But this is my only guess on why the BosCoin team is inactive with respect to the BOS price and does not advertise.


The only reason is that we are in the bubble explosion of crypto currencies, and all projects are following the king BTC, so we fall together.


Too not proportional! BTC decline in price to 30% (in recent days). BTC is constantly growing and falling. BosCoin fell in price to 600% in one month of trading!


Although it’s true BOScoin’s fundraiser was in BTC there is no reason to compare the price of BOScoin to that of BTC at this point, I don’t agree that the BOScoin team want the price of a node to be that cheap but they are busy building a platform with Delicracy and Stardaq and trialing TestNet before launching BOScoin along with their planned marketing.


When the BTC will be at 4000$, i will buy BOS, not before .


If the team wanted to work with an expensive coin, they would at least have a little time to work with investors and advertising. But they do not listen to anyone (or specifically ignore the advice). Therefore, the coin passes from the hands of rich people to poorer people. Soon the coin BosCoin will become interesting only to the poor!


Excerpt from BOScoin Newsletter - March 19th, 2018:

  • Bucket List
    "It has been over the month since our first exchange listing with KuCoin (apart from the IOU HitBTC listing)." While we are still bucketing our communications to CMC to update our market circulating supply (please refer to Livecoinwatch for our market capital), the long awaited next exchange is approaching!
    As previously mentioned there were 2 exchanges in the working: a P2P exchange, named 2XCHANGE, is currently planned to launch mid-April, and another one due for launch later this month (we will provide more information as soon as we get some as well !) "

ANSWER: Dear developers! What kind of capitalization are you talking about? While you were on the Mainnet platform, the price of a BOS coin fell by 600%. Thus, the capitalization of BosCoin fell in price, too, by 600%. Why did not you listen to the advice of investors ?? You will now talk about the capitalization of $ 500,000,000 Huh At you an erroneous opinion !!! Now the actual capitalization is not more than $ 5,000,000. You all went to the toilet to make a feces !!!


In my opinion, the bos team does not want to lower or raise the price. Only create and launch a product of good quality. For that reason, they do not give importance to the market. and I do not think he has a relationship with what he says, rich, poor … and more. the price is not good if it is expensive, but neither is it good that it is very cheap and that everyone has it. think that the more the currency is worth, the more value boscoin has.and more capital they have ,to improve.


As an indicator, now the price of most of the altcoins has grown by 15-20%, while the price of boscoin has remained at the bottom. I am very sad because of this.


BOScoin +14.02%. =$0.146182


I bought for bitkoin)


nice run this morning!


why is boscoin on a bull run?
did i miss some important news??


Our project has value, and people are buying the token. A blockchain project doesn’t have to be hyped, and pumped to gain in value.