Nice Price Action


nice charting rosco!
looks like its broken bullish, no?
what site do you view the chart on?
the kucoin charts are a bit limited


Hello, Rosso! Do you have new graphics on the Boscoin coin?


we just set a new low :frowning_face:
the bulls bought the dip, though
and high volume on the move
could be a volume climax signalling a change of trend


I constantly look at the number of coins that are in orders for sale to the price level of 0.0001 BTC. This amount is usually 1.5-3.0 million coins. At this time it is about 1.6 million coins. That is, now the minimum offer of coins, which is in the orders, which allows you to hope for an increase in the price of the coin. But the demand for a coin is also minimal now, and this is not encouraging. It would be interesting to look at charts similar to those published by Rosso.


I find myself constantly looking at the numbers to. It take something to say that Tezos has performed better since their ICO than BOS however lets bring back some realism. BOS hasn’t launched it’s main net, all the FUD comes to nothing until we have a work viable product. If it falls further at that point we have something to worry about. Until, then chinup everyone and back the team :slight_smile:


I have now looked at the exchange and saw that people buy more coins than they sell. They buy whole units and sell pennies


Hey, people! More sell - give the opportunity to profitably buy coins!


he’s right. Investors need information on the project. If you promise, the investor loses faith in the project as I do. I invest in boscoin from the ico and do not sell them. Pls


Rosco, friend! Are there new graphics?


An interesting situation is now on the stock exchange … The price of BosCoin someone pulls up, but orders say that the price should quickly go down.
Hey Rosco! We really need your graphics. They well guess.


Here is a rough chart I threw together. This is just my opinion but I see a few things here. The first thing is that the RSI is flirting with being in oversold territory but it hasn’t been there since 3/2. The second thing is that for me to be comfortable with calling a reversal I would personally wait until .00002700 to call a definitive reversal, in addition I would say that something around the .00002600 range would be the resist. Another thing that was interesting was the spike in volume that appeared early during the morning. This is another point that leads me to believe that we are still in a downtrend. Again this is just my opinion. I am not a trader, just someone that is always looking for the best chance to buy more BOS :slight_smile:


thanks for posting chick


Thank you for publishing the charts and your assumptions. This is very useful information! Unfortunately, I do not know how to build such graphics, but I see that they are very useful.


looks like our man chicken is using coinigy for the charts


Agree with Chicken here, slight downtrend is (was) there, we touched 4 times the bottom, lot of support there. This morning there was an spike in volume on the last bottom, it could just changed the trend (OBV). To confirm this we will retest the 2000 level again (bearish) or we bounce against around 2600 back to 2240 and go higher (or sideways for a while). If we break support at 2000 we fall lower (probably on trendline).

just fast charting, no financial advice, :grin:


There was a lot of FUD going on today with BTC. BOS did well dispite the bad news.:grinning:


looking good today!
bos is my best performer!


Chickenrofls, Rosco, friends! Are there new graphics? With the price of BosCoin, something happened. No negative news. Therefore, there is no reason for the price to fall either. But the price falls down. I can not understand the reason. Do you have any new graphics, please?


Try not to watch the price every day if you bought BOScoin as an investment you need to stand firm and know that in time BOScoin will be back over what you bought it at, a temporarily dip will not last once testnet commences, White Paper 2.0 pump about and their mainnet begins… Just hold firm.


Thanks for the advice, Chef_Bedo! I try not to fade at the price, but I can not. I already began to sleep badly and my nerves were on the edge. But I will try to follow your advice.