Nice Price Action


at this stage i dont care i would like to see it go even lower because i want to buy as much as i can. trust me when Bos gets on other exchanges it will be north of 5 dollars and won’t be coming back to these prices.


the more exchanges a coin is on and the bigger higher volume exchanges like binance makes the price increase a lot.


Well, lets not forget that the major buy pressure would come from new investors, but if they are thinking the same as I am, they are probably waiting for the price to drop to sub 20c or lower in hopes of snatching a masternode. Remember, the name of the game is the masternodes, not the BOSCOIN tokens.


BOScoin only being on one exchange will not last forever and this buying opportunity will quickly be gone and people will be longing for the days BOScoin was < $1


@Chef_Bedo do you have some personal contact with Boscoin team? Did you get some overview about the Boscoin project? Do you know the whitepaper? Did you see something that we dont? What make you believe so much in Boscoin? If who you have been talked that works in Boscoin excluding bos scot?
So, we want news… we want overview of the development of platform…
Just speculation not help.
We are lack of information


The CTO will be releasing his next AMA once it’s done and that shouldn’t be long. They will finish shooting the videos next week.


I think it would be a great idea if we as community members came together to promote the project. Simple things like posting something about Boscoin on Cryptocurrency related Facebook groups is a good start.


Besides Scott I am in touch quite regularly with Douglas, Hankyeol and to a lesser extent Barney. I have read the White Paper quite extensively and am looking forward to 2.0.
Hopefully we’ll be getting an exchange or two very soon?
I have no inside information I can share with you but I do believe being positive is helpful… Peace out @prince.amaral :slightly_smiling_face:


Well like I said, as an outside investor, I’m a bit leery of injecting capital into the project because it sounds a bit generic and risky. The question is when the rest of us think a masternode is worth jumping in. Unfortunately, knowing absolutely nothing, the price is between 20-0.5c to jump in, lower than the current price…


Who sells for such a low price succumbing to FUD? :roll_eyes: This is ridiculous, then all dumpers will back at $2-3 :slight_smile: TestNet it will be at the end of the month, MainNet in May :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The whole situation reminds me of the AntShare (NEO) from last year also March when the price sink hard, to then bounce back x1000 :wink:


Agree, nobody sells, look at bosradar. These are all bots who manipulate this markets. People are silently buying masternodes, they dont show up in the orderlist. If the trend changes it likely moons fast because the minimum is 10k for a node. If you have a node, grab a beer and enjoy the weekend!:sunglasses:


For BosCoin, advertising for reputation is now needed, for example, via google


We all need to take an example from the purse GBYVEZGOMQGBCHXSVFVNZIHNPD6JWS6T4KXK64JQGCR7YQK63ISD22R7
This wallet is ranked # 2 in the ranking of the richest BosCoin purses. While we are thinking about buying or selling Boscoin coins, the state of this wallet is growing. On March 1 this purse was 36950966 BosCoin. Now on this purse 39155281 BosCoin. A little more and this wallet will take position # 1 in the rating of purses. For 4 days a person bought 2 million coins, while he took advantage of the price drop BosCoin - well done.


It’s Kucoin’s account. The meaning of the growth of the address is that more people are moving their BOS to Kucoin in order to sell.


Buy walls building around 2200-2000… lets see if we break the downtrend…
Buying nodes in an uptrend will make some nice green lines. Not much nodes up there.


These are not walls. The walls are up to the price of 0.0001 BTC. Buy 3000000 BosCoin and the price will be more than 0.0001 BTC


I’m interested … A total of 500,000,000 BOS were produced. If you now look at, you can see 501 507 650.0681053 BOS. It turns out that new Boscoin coins are being created? If so, is it that mainNet already works?


ok next “support”, the next ‘lucky guy who wants masternodes’ is at 2050, lets see if it holds. :thinking:
The more nodes on the network the better the awards are :wink:


Buy 1.7 million (at this time) of Boscoin coins and the price will be above 0.0001 BTC


Well maybe im too bullish, we will see in 24hours i guess :thinking:

(just playing with charts, not financial advice):grin: