Nice Price Action


Сегодня был плохой день для Боскойн(


Yes. For the price of BosCoin today was the worst day. Maybe tomorrow everything will start coming back to its place. I hope so!


well, some has loaded up a load of bos on the cheap!
volume spike!


BOScoin is a long-term project not another ERC20 get rich quick pump up the price then watch it collapse, BOScoin team are focusing on working on having BOScoin more user-friendly not just speculative pump and dump


Need more information about the project in the world media, to increase the society BOScoin. Piarmanagement act .


As Chef says, this is a long-term project. Whoever trusts the project will know that it is time to buy a little more. Those who do not trust and only see money, better sell for me.


It seems that today is another worst day in the life of the price of Boscoin :sleepy:


I do not understand what happens to the price of BosCoin. The price again went quickly down. In addition, the number of coins that are on sale in orders, too, has increased significantly! If 3-4 days ago the number of coins in orders for sale from the minimum price to 0.0001 BTC was 1.5 million BosCoin, today this number is about 2.5 million BosCoin. In addition, a little over 24 hours ago the number of Boscoin coins that were put up for sale in orders up to the price of 0.00004 BTC fell to 40000 BosCoin. Today there was a situation when before this price was offered more than 400,000 BosCoin. This can be for two reasons (as I think):
Option 1. Panic among investors. Investors have lost confidence in the BosCoin project and are willing to receive at least some money. At the stock exchange, at this time, speculators are working very well. They, playing on a panic, help the price to decrease and make the purchase of BosCoin at the lowest prices.
In order for the panic to stop, the developers of BosCoin need to urgently give more information about themselves, about the team, about progress in working on the MainNet platform.
Option 2. The number of BosCoin coins that are in the warrants for sale has increased dramatically due to the fact that the developers are cautiously selling those Boscoin coins that they left after the sale at the ICO. In this case (as I think), the developers of BosCoin should, for example, specify the addresses of the purses on which the coins are stored. Or in another way, they must prove that those Boscoin coins that remained after the ICO are in untouched condition.
But, in any case, the developers of BosCoin should provide some kind of information support. If they continue to give little information, then the panic will only increase and the Boscoin coin will completely depreciate. New investors will not come, as the credibility of the Boscoin coin is gone.


Dear developers of BosCoin! If you value your investors and you care about the future of your project, then at least make your comment on the current price of BosCoin! Tell us what you think about why the price of the Boscoin coin has fallen so quickly!


Just needs to be on more exchanges. Selling now is like giving them away. Can we get on the upbit exchange??


Now 3 million BosCoin are on sale from the minimum price to 0.0001 BTC. From where is taken such quantity? Is there a growing distrust of the project or is the sale of the remaining reserve of coins?


There are many many people with 410 Million coins in wallets which were distributed to contributors.


Hello, Scott! And it seems that many of these people stop believing in the success of the BosCoin project :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Are you not offended by the fact that people no longer appreciate the Boscoin coin?


I think, the major problem is that few wallets have so much coins and one or two wallets are buying so much that, there will be no democracy left in Boscoin( power in few hands). that is a great danger than the boscoin team doing project planning and coding as priority. Right now priority is to see to that atleast coins are properly distributed - otherwise the project is gone. for this stability of price is key and if it drops like this, only few anarchist are going to stay. there are many other decentralized coins. if you guys want people like us to stay and be decentralized, take the action right now: coding is not the prio now. it is saving the boscoin itself


All right. Now the power of the price Boscoin is in the hands of several whales. And they will continue to lower the price of BosCoin. For such a reduction in the price of the coin BosCoin, there is no basis. For a real quick price reduction of the coin, there should be some bad news about the project. But there is no bad news. A rapid decline in the price of a coin is the game of bears on the stock exchange. Even if the Boscoin coins are now trading on other exchanges, the price of Boscoin will be the same as at the Kucoin exchange. Simply, because there is already a price on the Kucoin exchange, which will be the price of the beginning of the exchange. Now, as I think, there is only one option for increasing the price of BosCoin - providing more information about the project, a little advertising and more good news. Weekly distribution of news and reports to user mailboxes, and the publication of these news and reports on several resources - this can be considered almost zero information. Developers should give a lot more information if they want the price, at least, to be at the same level. Price is an indicator of the liquidity of the project. If the cost of the project falls, for example, from $ 500,000,000 to $ 500,000, then this project will not be of any interest to anyone. Investors make their contributions to prospective projects, and not to unprofitable ones. And about the prospect says the price increase or, at least, its stable price. The price falls - it means the project is unprofitable (the law). None of the investors are interested in the fact that this is the work of several people to buy as many coins as possible. In the end, only the full purchase of this project can be an exit in order to close it, and on its basis to make a new, more expensive project!


They brazenly sell 1 BOS and lower this price. Thus, the price on the chart becomes smaller - the stock fixes the price reduction. And there are moose who do not understand this and quickly sell coins - the price starts to fall even more. Those who strike the price down like a bear can soon become very rich people.
Developers BosCoin! You had good news that you announced a competition for new employees in your company ( This is good news and it will give more confidence in your project! Why did not you tell people (investors) in large numbers? This could slow the sharp decline in the price.
Need more, more news !!! Then there will be less offer for the sale of coins and the price will not fall precipitously, despite the fact that someone is trying very hard to reduce it!


I love the price! i just bought a masternode! :sunglasses: Buy more while u can, this will not last long! :grin:
If we go lower i will buy more!:blush:


Again just needs to be on more exchanges that’ll bring in more interest.


Bull-alex16, maybe u should change youre name to bear-alex16? :grin:
haha, just saying, you could be more bullish on BOS, we hit 2400 sat today, i dont think lot of investers are selling all much lower. So likely we go sideways till CMC updates or some youtuber starts spreading the word. Likely BOS will moon soon enough because buyers mostly want 10k or 40k.
If you feel sick in this market you buy more, if you feel like ‘this it to good to be true’, u sell. So buy more if youre depressed :yum: , or you will regred it later.


Guys don’t complain about BOScoin’s price being low buy as much as it can you’ll be wishing you did later when the price of BOScoin is climbing