Nice Price Action


hey bosonians!
some nice price action today
any reason for it?


Check this out


It’s great that BOS will be 3$ in next month.
I guess someone will be a node to buy more to 40,000BOS.


They looks very very very bullish for all crypto …


seems to be finding support at 5,800 sats then bouncing up to form lower highs in a tightening range.
maybe we’ll see a break in the next day or so
hoping its up!


boscoin is for now stable at 0.50 usd range.
but we have good news in days, meetups,new exchanges,test bosnet, etc…


It fell below 5,800 then bounced strong and set a higher high
Lets see if news can push us up


Boscoin is in acumulation phase now. 0,5$ is the minimun price. Its clear.


I love this woman. :slight_smile:


i’m not so sure. we got a higher high yesterday but there was a lot of profit taking.
the dollar price is being buoyed by bitcoin rising.
we need coinmarketcap to sort out the data and propel us into the big league!


That should be coming in the next next few days?


oh my!
big dump :frowning:


when bos hits other exchanges we will see bigger price rises so buy it while its cheap.


Is any bear reducing the price of BosCoin? The price of Bitcoin is slowly stepping up. Some altcoyins also go up. The price of BosCoin should go up. Among the traders may be bears, who with their paws are beating the price down. Some traders fall into a bear trap and sell their coins when the price is at the very bottom. Are the bears or coin Boscoin dying now?
Now is the time to ask the developers of BosCoin about the MainNet platform. What developers tell in the news is not enough. Necessary more evidence of their work.
Dear developers of BosCoin! Could you publish some solid evidence of your work, such as, for example, screen shots or video. Many investors now need to see the work of your platform (not Stellar). Show, please, the work of your platform, in the form in which it is now. Do not disclose your secrets. Just show her work.
Many investors stop trusting you and they need to see your work, not promises. You can tell people about how well it will be to live on Mars, if we colonize it and plant there beautiful gardens of trees and grass. But people will believe it only at the very beginning. And then people will take their money from the project and Mars will remain a dream.
Now it is important to restore the confidence of investors. This will make it possible to return the price of Boscoin. Price - this is the prospect of any project. If BosCoin will cost 0.00000001 BTC, then MainNet will not be anyone else!


“The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.” – Warren Buffett

And so I bought more, however @bulalex16 has a point. The competition is not sleeping.


I my view the Boscoin team dont hear what we say. The drop of BOS price is just consequence of it.
They look like dont care about what we think.
This is the worst mistake they do.
The should change their manner to act amd start understand the demands of Boscoin community.
You can have better product in the world, but if you are disagree by your buyers will loose all.
Probably you will fail

It is time to change it.
Open an official Telegram
Shows what they do until now
Shows the strategic plan to marketing.
Shows the face of developers team.
Opean the channel trade in new and best exchanges.
Stop to act as you are better than others.
Stay together


I agree with you.
Now begins a panic. If you watch exchanges, you can see that someone is working on the price. Perhaps this bear beats the price down. There are people who fall into a bear pit and sell coins at the lowest price. But when the bear makes his purchases, the price will go up.
But, so that many investors are not disappointed, selling their coins almost for nothing, the BosCoin team needs to take any action. Then anyone’s attempts to reduce the price of the coin will fail. Otherwise, many investors will sell their coins cheaply and will not buy them any more!
Developers BosCoin! Hear us! Give us more information!


These are just whales who are dumping hard. It will be over soon.


Developers need to urgently give more information about the project. Whales do not work that way - they are not whales. There is a constant collapse in the price of Boscoin (at times in relation to Bitcoin). Yes, someone is working on the price and it is very profitable for him. But BosCoin does not give more information and people lose confidence in the project.


And trades often appear large orders (not only today, but also on other days). The Boscoin coins that want to sell (in orders) are constantly growing. Two days ago it was 1 million coins. Today it’s 2 million coins. Can not the developers of Boscoin sell those coins that were not bought by investors at ico and distributed in the form of bounties?
Some of the coins remained with the developers for future periods. Where and how can you see if the developers will not sell some of the remaining coins? Can I see it through Boschain BosCoin?