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this topic is for all people who wants to know and share all information about BOScoin.

Add all your News, Topics, Articles and information you find in the Media.
You can also put here the gossip about BOScoin around you (especially from Korea).

@all Korean/Chinese friends:
It would be nice if you can put the media from China/Korea, because with latin letters in Europe we can´t found any information in the news about BOScoin.

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First link from my side!

Nice to see the market capitalizm (is it real? 600billion won???)


And the next one :clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4:

I hope that this will go verry big!!!


Good articles, although BOS is not too widely known, that could be great for us early investors!!


Yes I am definitely glad I was an early investor in BOScoin, this should pay off rather handsomely


Can someone explain this argument about the market cap?!
“The market cap for BOScoin is around 600 billion won (US$538.15 million). That’s about 20th largest out of 1,000 plus virtual currencies in the world.”

How they calculated it? Which amount of coins? Which price? :roll_eyes:


They are using hitBTC IOU price for that calculation. 500 Million coins for tokenNet.


Ty Scott, thought it but wasn’t sure.
What do you think about the price of hitbtc?
The offer and demand is really low. They just trade about hundreds and thousands of BOS.

Why it is that much silence about BOS? Why there is no media presence, no advertising,…

Are they waiting for M3 Genesis? (I think it should be in January 2018???)

So many questions but very less answers in the weekly newsletter we receive.


This ran through my mind aswell. With very little media coverage recently (like past few months) and little to no public knowledge, what are the goals of the team?

I thought by now they would try to get more media coverage as the MainNet launch is quite soon!


IS There any chance to add BITHUMB? why I am asking both are related to korea and BOS is the first korea crypto curencey.


You are right !

At this stage, Boscoin is just a Token Stellar fork …
Communicate about what will be in Genesis and about Boscoin will only put more pressure on the team to have something to deliver (GENESIS).
They are waiting to have something to show.
Marketing funds will also be used for pay Devs for creating dApp !

We will vote to decides together how to spend common budgets

Nodes are very popular : High ROI with Low Energy costs.


인터뷰: 블록체인OS 김인환 CEO from THEblockchain | ICO Korea on Vimeo.




I sure wish I could speak Korean now @danyk was it a good interview? Did they say great things about BOScoin and put it in a good light?


You can use google translate to read the article. It’s all good but mostly an introduction to people unfamiliar with boscoin.


Here is a recent article of Park Chang-Ki talking as CEO of his company Governtech. Governtech is responsible for the development of Delicracy (developed by the Open Source Software Department at Sung Kyun Kwan University). Delicracy is one of the first apps to utilize BOS to settle transactions.


Interesting… Apparently, Governtech was established in 2014. Their focus is on implementing blockchain tech to enable public services to run independent of government oversight. Also, there’s mention of them developing their own crypto currency exchange


Man I wish I could speak Korean, so does BOScoin have a partnership with Governtech in some way?


Well, Governtech is developing Delicracy which is included in the BOScoin whitepaper so I can only assume that yes they do. Park Chang-Ki founded BOScoin and then later hands the reigns to Kim In-Hwan who was the CMO of Paxnet which was also founded by Park Chang-Ki. I read somewhere that they have been working together for the past 10 years