New! BOScoin - Genève, CH Meetup group



Meetup in Canada/Toronto anytime soon??


If we find someone from the community to be a local organizer, then I could set up a BOScoin meetup group really anywhere, but it costs time and money to set up these groups, so we really need to wait until we can have regular meetups scheduled. Thanks.


Just to for info: Joined.


Don’t forget to add it here :[month]=&form[year]=&form[coin][]=BOScoin+(BOS)&form[sort_by]=&form[submit]=



Hi Scott I’m looking to attend the Geneva meetup but since needing to organise my flight and accomodation from the UK I want to ensure it’s going ahead, when might you expect to be able to finalise the details?




I’m trying to get that information. I’m not organizing just admin for the meetup network. once i get details i will give update.


It is going ahead no matter, and we now have an estimation of how many people will turn up. It will take place in the evening of the 23rd and our member in Switzerland, founder of the Foundation, is looking for a suitable location in Geneva. We will announce it as soon as we hear the details ourselves, which will be in a couple of days.


Thank you @Hankyeol and @scott