New BOScoin - Amsterdam, NL Meetup group


Everyone congratulate Wouter! :slight_smile:


Thx @scott, we have some Dutch members here already, excited :slight_smile:


Great, will also go. As owner I need to! :slight_smile:
I will also convey this message to the Dutchies on Telegram

@wouterbothoff Date will be added soon?


Will also add this info to and mention you as organizer.


Sounds great :slight_smile: Don’t know a date yet, i think maybe beginning of march or so!


Yes that would be great, thx!


Congrats! @wouterbothoff the first of many, hopefully mainnet will be up and running by March :wink:
By March there will be plenty to talk about and there will be much excitement about BOScoin as its price rises.


Not sure yet, i was thinking beginning of march.


Yes definitely so, thx @Chef_Bedo


Good job @wouterbothoff, congratulations! Best of luck!



Great! Will be there as well. Please make the accommodation easy accessible, by train or by car.


AUB tussen 2 en 13 April, dan ben ik in Nederland!

#15 growing fast, awsome you guys :grin:


Already 83 members, congrats!


Hi Wouter, let’s make it between 2-13 April, then I can also join! thanks


Don’t forget to add your events on :


We were planning it for March, maybe April i can’t make any promises


Thx @Heru, we will do that and if i forget please remind me again :slight_smile:


Thanks @HJdeVries, i love it!