Membership Rewards Voting starts today!


The BOScoin Congress Voting app is available for download for Mac and Windows. You can register for Membership, and Freeze right now - if you have at least 10,000 BOS in a BOScoin official wallet. Our first vote, Membership Reward PF (PF_R_00-000-A) is starting in 3 hours at 1pm KST (GMT+9), and will last until Dec 6 13:00 KST (GMT+9).


Official Wallets

Congress Voting Desktop Application


I’m getting an error when I try to agree to Membership Reward PF


you are approved member, with frozen BOScoin. and you try to select agree on the vote and error…

have you tried restarting your computer, re-log into the app and try again after checking your internet connection?


I uploaded my KYC documents it is showing all three accepted but personal identification failed like that it is showing.In that there is no option to re upload documents.
So kindly do the needful urgently.


KYC Helpdesk


Do I need to restart my computer I can try that later today


if you have a question about KYC please use the KYC helpdesk link… if it’s a question about the application then you’ll need to provide more information, and email


The voting is working today, I didn’t change anything. But glad it’s working.


The same thing happened to me, I just had to calm down and wait. The next day everything was fine.


@scott, Already I downloaded Desktop voting before version.Now is it compulsory ?.If compulsory how to update latest version?


You need the desktop app for membership, kyc, freezing, and voting. The app will be updated from time to time.


@scott,Already I downloaded and I participated It will be automatic update or manually we have to do?


Depends on what exactly you are referring too? The rewards will be deposited in your Membership account, but you have to freeze manually.


What happens if you lose your password in the windows version. I still have my secret key, but may have deleted the file that had my password for the windows application.

When I try to login now it says maintenance in progress…


you just re-import the secret seed.


network is down for maintenance


Do I need to unfreeze my coins to change the password since I accidentally deleted it? What are the steps exactly? Thanks.


do you have your Secret Seed? if so, then delete your account in the app, and reimport with secret seed. This will generate a new Recovery Key and select a new password.


That did the trick thanks. Glad I didn’t have to go through the KYC process again!


KYC is linked to your Membership account which is that public address.