Masternode guide


Hello guys, i am new here, so if i am asking on a wrong place, i am sorry.

I am interested about to make a masternode, is it possible yet? I am not a pro and would love some guide or ´´how to do´´. Could not find anything on web.

Appreciate any informations,

Thank you.


Nodes are available until late 2019.


Thanks Scott, appreciate your fast answer.

Would love to ask one more thing. About congres voting, would love to freeze another coins, but no ongoing congres voting now. When will be possible to vote again? to get rewards for another freezed coins.

Thank you


you get rewards on a continual basis regardless of a vote. The rewards are calculated daily, but distributed approximately monthly.


Monthly distribution is too long imo. I think daily or at least weekly is more standard for blockchain.


I know theese facts scott and i am ok with that thanks. I am trying to ask, i have alredy frozen 10k of bos. Now i am going to buy another 10k today and would love to freeze them and get rewards for the second unit also. But there is no ongoing congres voting because it has finished on 6. december i think. So i am trying to ask, will it be possible to freeze another 10k of bos and get rewards? or the last chance to vote was during the period from 25.novebmer or so - to 6. december? Thank you


the vote was only the first, there will be more votes in the future. You freeze and receive rewards anytime.


Yep, thats what i wanted to know! Thanks sir !


Hello Scott, would love to ask, do you know when will be avalible the next voting? Wnat to prepare my coins for it. Thank you