Marketing Proposals



after listing in the first exchange, we should start thinking about marketing.
Let’s suggest some marketing ideas.
Team have to find natural way to make this proposals realized.
Here is my list:

  • better webiste design and more informations about project:

  • don’t be ashamed to say that BOS is shortcut of “Based On Stellar” :slight_smile: Stellar is great project, if investors see that BosCoin is child of Stellar, they will invest also here. But we need show them main diferrences - can be simple in the form of table.

  • animation is nice, but it is only one nicely think in the site :slight_smile:
    we need more sexy design.

  • be like cardano team, and be more like research guys that street guys. Show some university and researcher partnerships.

  • show your team, your office on the video. If it is problem, play with actors in some skyscraper :slight_smile:

  • show progress bars, statuses - similar like cardano do,

  • update github at least one time per few days, dont’ be ashamed with your private repo - publicate it,

  • make some corner to devs,

  • mention about dapps,

  • do it before coinmarket and PR,

  • of course contact with others exchanges,

  • and the most important: don’t use a word ‘soon’ :slight_smile:


maybe ask the youtubers we follow to analyse the project?


let’s try win binance coin voting:


Hi Tomasz, Nice initiative and great list… adding few more… Also play on strengths : Like Korean Market proximity. First in trust contracts ( huge thing as we get into more and more governance issues in cryptos)…speed of wallet is amazing, we can ask people to try that out.


Has someone submitted the application yet? I think this is a great idea. What can I do to help. I also think we need to come up with a larger scope or strategy for marketing


what about advertising your coin during the Olympics? FLyers…there will be a lot of young people there who are not familiar with the coin


Am thinking of creating a blog on domain


Has anyone submitted an application to get join the binance coin competion?