Looking for BosCoin article writers


I am very interested to publish the following articles:
What is BosCoin?
How does BosCoin compare with similar Cryptos? (as suggested in another thread)

I am willing to give a modest bounty in exchange for the full copyright of these articles which will be published on investitin.com

Requirements: 100% original and factual. I can help with editing the text if writing is not your forte.

If interested let me know, your timeline and what do you expect in terms of payment.


Why dont you read whitepaper and Bos website?
all thing u need have in there.
If you worried about trust, u should patiendtly to day when BOS- Net working.


@Jizzu I`m happy that you want to (have) publish(ed) articles about BOScoin. Really great!

And of course who could write better articles than interested and knowledeagble investors, besides the BOSteam itself?!

Now, both questions IMHO can be answered as a momentary draft, but we all don`t know the full features and potential of BOScoin :slight_smile:
Its a ride into a fascinating unknown, similiar to Ethereum at its beginning.

What is BOScoin?
For the moment its a token on a stellar TokenNet. But thats just proprietary and not the same BOScoin which comes with Genesis and the blockchain beginning 2018. The real BOScoin aims to be a platform like Ethereum, NEO, Tezos, Aeternitas, LISK etc.

How does BOScoin compare with similiar Cryptos?
The honest answer: We don’t know, yet, as it is not live. But thats the exciting part! Because there is much speculation on how it will be different, superior or inferior and in which ways. The devs explained which components the’ll choose: OWL, TAL, Stellar on a staking node model with voting rights, but didn`t disclosure much about how this will work out in the end except a much faster TX-throughput.

ATM I don’t want to write a whole article, but I can offer to review and add things if missing or worth mentioning.


I would be very cautious of anyone not associated to the BOScoin team offering to write anything credible about the BOScoin platform that is not just writing an opinion piece as it might end up doing more damage than good?


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If you plan to talk about Boscoin, devs have already wrote some articles with explaination :

The first one is here : https://medium.com/@boscoin/smart-contracts-trust-contracts-part-1-83f12dec7641



I’m a huge fan of the entire Korean market, especially BosCoin and its partners