KuCoins listing Announcement on Twitter!


Listing planed in pairs of BOS/ETH and BOS/BTC.
GOOD! :sunglasses: :boscoin:


Nice, the first exchange! For those who still need to register, you can use the following link for the KuCoin bonus:https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=E4mDoG10 or use the code E4mDoG10 at the registration!:tada:


Yes very exciting. Finally a public announcement on our token listing. I know everyone worked really hard on the vote, so good to see kucoin.com come through for us. :slight_smile:


@scott I added the following comment to their Tweet:

incl. a request for a USDT and KCS pairing.


Sure. Excited to get listed, and get this show started. Long time working towards this :slight_smile:


Congrats for this great announcement