Kucoin vote ended


we won first prize

thank you all for your trouble


Yes it was quite a struggle taking a hold of the first place only to lose it again temporarily then to rise from the ashes and take the crown, thanks to all involved it was a battle well fought.
Irrespectiveof the size of the exchange it demonstrates our teamwork and tenacity to get down in the trenches and become victorious through a battle.


BOScoin! For the WIN!!!


Great team work. It was amazing.


In my humble opinion it shows BOScoin has a strong solid base, probably because of the techno-logic features


Congrats on the win! For those who still need a KuCoin account, please use the following link to receive KuCoin bonus https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=E4mDoG or use the code E4mDoG


great work guys :+1:


and kucoin is listing dent, which was 6th place in poll on dec 16. what a joke