Kucoin Listing Issues


honestly scott I’m just sick of hearing about Kucoin with no eventual result ever it really is disappointing to be told that it will be before this date that date and those dates come and go.

I say we just move on fro mKucoin i WANT TO HEAR ABOUT OTHER efforts from other exchanges lets get on any other exchange any exchange


There are 3 other exchanges confirmed and i was told 5 in total who will list us, and these don’t include kucoin.


Great to hear that Scott. Thanks


hmmm ok hope so i just hope they dont suggest another date tell the team Scott not to mention any dates at all until it is full listed and tradable than have a announcement that says Bosocin is listed. all these announcements that give people expected dates in there minds that are never met are doing damage to the enthusiasm of the community you can see buy lack of activity in the forums. so dont anounce any expected dates. it will not be met and community gets pisssed off. its one sure way to piss off the comuintiy. at this stage its the Boy who cried wolf . i just will not believe that date to be met if Boscoin make an announcement saying at the end of the month we will be listed. no i won’t believe it and i will be pissed off because i know that it will not be met.

SO please at this stage just anounce when it is full tradable and tested



I wouldn’t have even said anything but you asked with conviction.


I’ll believe we are listed when i can see it on an exchange trading AND three independent witnesses confirm they traded themselves.


thank you couldn’t have said it better my self. The comunity will lose all faith if they are let down again.


Please stop crying, your posts are just noise with no arguments. You are not helping to this community just creating FUD.


Guys, let me know, if Lykke ( exchange) would be interesting for us. I know of someone who could probably help with that.


In knowing this is a long term project and Irrespective of the desperate clowns who want to flip there coins as soon as possible, it is paramount that Boscoin gets on to an exchange so as to receive exposure. The higher it gets up coin market cap the more individuals and organisations will be looking at it, while considering its potential for there own projects or partnerships. This takes time time to achieve, and if its too long, other projects will gain a more solid foothold in the market and maybe when when Boscoin is ready, it wont matter how technically advanced the platform is the deals would have already been made. So I hope the Boscoin team start at least ramping up there marketing and exposure in light of exchange listings.


Try to be positive for a change. Your negative attitude irritates everybody here.


I think it’s good that someone presses the team so they do not relax. but the truth is that since you joined the community you have not stopped being negative and annoying. It’s good that he offers ideas to improve, but lately he’s only complaining, partly I understand, but be patient.


I would also like to add, not disrespect other investors, because all investors here know what we are playing, we are not idiots, we know the risks.


January 26, 2018
[BOScoin Seoul Meetup! content summary]

1. Exchange listing

Three exchanges, including kucoin, have been settled, but cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality arrangements. One is under negotiation.

2. Kucoin listing delay reasons

Boscoin is a new token based on SCP. In the course of describing and explaining this technically, it has delayed the listing of kucoin, but now it is almost finished.

Im also very mad about the delay, but i hope that in early February they will list. But no need to be disrespectful and mega angry.

The positive about the waiting is that overall market has grown much and now its much easyer to go 300-500-900 million mcap or even more.

Three exchanges sounds good, hopefully Binance is one of them. And hopefully BOS will be in exchanges in the early of February


Stop bothering please. Your attitude is not good for anyone. It is not good for the image of the community. Respect others and have education with some words.


All this attention because a homie from Long Beach dared to speak his mind. Ok he was a little brash and could have chosen his words better. But, were all fed up with the situation at hand and some people will react in that way. My advice? hold your investments for a while longer and dont take to heart everything you read. Even if it is someone venting. :slight_smile:


I understand that some have to vent and show their impatience. but it can be done with respect and a certain maturity. Besides, I do not think that impatience is so good for the image of bos, you have to have a bit of faith and as you said hold a little more. the project promises


agreed on the respect aspects. However could you imagine how boring this world would be if we all agreed and all were patient? The very fiber of humanity is our diversity. So with that being said i emplore all to exercise your opinions freely however with a modicum of respect to fellow investors.


yo wise words @brazilman37 yeah like some peeps can’t be on the chill. da homie here popping off on the fly just preaching some thoughts and people can’t handle that. maybe they can’t handle it because they are impatient and sweating there position. like I’m proud to say I’ve never been a punk ass mother that complained about someone else post each member of the comunity should have there say this aint north korea, these people think the world evolves around them. like what poindexter part of the world they liven in. its crazy but also funny won’t be surprised if they find this post to offensive and flagg it lol whats the point. I don know how these people live in the real world if they are offended or upset in a forum wow. my advice to those poindexters if they have read this far dont take your self to serious and dont take life to serious. calm yo ass down, Word up