Kucoin Listing Issues


KuCoin is listing many new coins every day but Boscoin. They are failing to list the coin that won the contest over all other new coins. They must provide clear explanations for this!! we are asking them to be responsible and just tell us exactly what’s going on. I contacted but no responses.


Excatly, this is just weird.


it won’t be listed ever thats what common sense will tell you. trust me if they say some BS like oh its a security risk to make the two platforms compatible. ah this is just taking advantage of peoples ignorance and ignorance is plentiful in 99% of blockchain investors. But from someone that has a computer science degree I’m telling you this its just not true i doubt it 100%. dont wast your time emoprtionally move on thats the best advice i can give. focus on other coins or projects remember the last promise early january hmm yep no no didn’t reach that and before that they said a big exchange before the end of year, dont make promises if you can’t keep them how many times now its the boy who cried wolf. you can see buy lack of activity in this forum most the comunity has moved on. the Writing isn’t on the wall any more its a big giant in front of you screaming at you. IT WILL NOT BE LSITED EVER.

Im moving on

and if this post gets deleted and my account deleted because i posted this post than thats going to reinforce what i wrote being true. i will screan shot this post to show the truth if that happens to other communities that are not censored like North Korea.


its the exchange dont want to list bos or bos dont compatible to all exchange


Both i would say. the excuse that its a security risk is ridiculous and is such a bad excuse because it makes Bos look so bad. so really the Bos platform is a security risk making the platform compatible hmm thats mean Boscoins blockchain has a major problem than. and so much weight about it not being an ERC20 TOKEN is also a excuse that was used way to frequent and way to strong to sway the ignorance of people. as news flash I could name 50 blockchains on exchanges that are not ERC20 TOKENS and exchanges have no worries hosting them in a flash



tokenNet consensus protocol is a slightly modified version of stellar, meaning there are some things different, but for the most part the API is identical. The above link is the exchange integration guide from stellar, and we have provided all exchanges with the differences, so we have given them all the information required to list our token.

There is NO security issue with our network, exchanges communicate with our network via an open source sdk, and api that is public. If there is an issue communicating with our network, it just comes back with an error.


Good. Hopefully this will help them implement Boss easier. My suggestion is our team should make our own page like this ASAP, so it is readily available for other exchanges to follow if needed.


Thanks Scott

so since boscoin just forked stellar why can Boscoin really say they have been building a Blockchain I’m just curious?. its like getting a house doing a few small renovations but you can’t really say you built the house. and why then was it soo long to release the Token net if it just forked that leaves to reason why the team was never really vocal about the work or progress hope I’m wrong on that one. and why should people advocate Boscoin instead of Stellar. would love a answer to these questions.


Both the development teams from KuCoin and BosCoin are working closely together to find a solution to launch the token that won the vote on the “People’s Exchange”. Security and Quality are of utmost importance and in order to protect everyone in our community we are erring on the side of caution and want to thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation.

this was what KUCOIN SAID on there boscoin notice which is extremely vague and they are mentioning security for this issue so it does leave people to wonder. is it just a excuse or is there something political going on with Kucoin CHINA AND KOREA dont really get along great i dont know all i can do is speculate.

But my question why is so much focus and attention still on Kucoin and idiots still talking about hit BTC is the effort for other exchanges just decintegrated or died out as motivation and enthusiasm has wained because of this Kucoin situation. why dont we just say screw Kucoin and get listed on other exchanges well that makes me answer with because the same problem will persist with other exchanges. contact and pay all exchanges that host stellar than.

I only say Kucoin will never list Boscoin Because they would of done it already maybe the boscoin team dont see it them selves. but thats why I’m pointing it out here. there are messing with you boscoin team. They will never list how many times has the comunity been told that they will be listed on kucoin the last time the community where told before was early january and thats long passed. I say we move on come up with a better solution Kucoin dont want to list fine lets not wast energy there AND i repeat KUCOIN willl not list Bosocin not now not in the future who knows maybe they have been paid buy stellar not to list as we technically are a competitor


Our initial blockchain platform tokenNet with the consensus protocol forked from stellar and then modified will be replaced by our own consensus protocol in May with BOSnet. BOSnet is an upgrade of tokenNet which will use our own consensus protocol which will be compatible with our other features like congress and trust contracts. Although we are starting with stellar, we are moving away from stellar and we will not be a stellar fork once we upgrade to BOSnet.

Kucoin it seems is having issues integrating our api. they are working through their issues and will list us when complete. Listing on exchanges is not easy or fast. Governmental regulation, thousands of other tokens saturating the market, and not being a erc-20 token are all factors.


honestly scott I’m just sick of hearing about Kucoin with no eventual result ever it really is disappointing to be told that it will be before this date that date and those dates come and go.

I say we just move on fro mKucoin i WANT TO HEAR ABOUT OTHER efforts from other exchanges lets get on any other exchange any exchange


There are 3 other exchanges confirmed and i was told 5 in total who will list us, and these don’t include kucoin.


Great to hear that Scott. Thanks


hmmm ok hope so i just hope they dont suggest another date tell the team Scott not to mention any dates at all until it is full listed and tradable than have a announcement that says Bosocin is listed. all these announcements that give people expected dates in there minds that are never met are doing damage to the enthusiasm of the community you can see buy lack of activity in the forums. so dont anounce any expected dates. it will not be met and community gets pisssed off. its one sure way to piss off the comuintiy. at this stage its the Boy who cried wolf . i just will not believe that date to be met if Boscoin make an announcement saying at the end of the month we will be listed. no i won’t believe it and i will be pissed off because i know that it will not be met.

SO please at this stage just anounce when it is full tradable and tested



I wouldn’t have even said anything but you asked with conviction.


I’ll believe we are listed when i can see it on an exchange trading AND three independent witnesses confirm they traded themselves.


thank you couldn’t have said it better my self. The comunity will lose all faith if they are let down again.


Please stop crying, your posts are just noise with no arguments. You are not helping to this community just creating FUD.


Guys, let me know, if Lykke ( exchange) would be interesting for us. I know of someone who could probably help with that.